Change Your Life with LJL

Change your life because you really want to, need to or are being forced to

Individual Life change consultations utilizing the Astrology chart in conjunction with deep psychological understanding.

Alternatively complete and thorough Life change Programs--a six week commitment.

Are you looking to change your life? Either because you really want to, need to or are being forced to?

We all go through periods of life change, both minor and major. We all undergo various rites of passage or transformation in our lives. I call these Enchantment shifts, or the evolution from one level of consciousness to another.

During these times of transformation, our life seems to be closing down—but it is actually an opportunity to grow and evolve.

Your Adventure of Transformation

If you really want to change your life, the best way is to undertake an ongoing exploratory adventure of transformation and deeper understanding; a quest that helps you become more truly who you are. Working with someone with whom you feel a resonance on this journey is the most effective way to achieve a true transformation.

What I offer you is my skill in understanding and listening to what you are really saying and what you really want. I see through the white noise to hear the truth you already know, but think you do not... Utilizing astrology for the background map of your psyche, I am able to see the timing and nature of the energy you are working with, ensuring the process is effective and our time together efficient.

Are You Ready to Be More Creative and Proactive with Your Life?

The programs I offer are ideal for those who have already gone through the therapeutic search to some degree and who do not want to get stuck in laborious processing. You will benefit most if you are committed to change and have the willingness to invest your time and attention—and of course some money—for an extended series of sessions with me; this will also involve some creative tasks between our meetings. I offer consultations, rather than ‘readings’; sessions with me are two-way, highly interactive explorations in which you organically experience breakthroughs in understanding and revelatory awakenings about your life.

“I’ve watched and participated in the evolutionary work of Laurence James Lucas for over a decade and a half. Laurence has been to my life a wake-up call, a call to arms, a reminder
of the magical vistas, the lenses and Enchantments through which we view the world we live in. We are the co-creators of our own existence and all that we experience.
We are the dreamers and every day we strive to slowly awaken.
I would highly recommend you spend the time to participate in the ideas of LjL.
You have nothing to lose but the illusion of your own limitation.”

Neil Kilburn; Senior Risk Analyst, City of London Telecom; London, UK

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