Wednesday, 25 March 2009

The Big Bang is a belief

One of the fundamentals of mainstream cosmology is the Big Bang; however the wealth of cosmological anomalous data suggests that the theory is too simplistic.
The Enchantments perspective favours the toroidal universe, a continuous expanding and contracting universe, perhaps a big doughnut, this is in keeping with plasma cosmology.

This is some of the November, 20, 2006 version of the Wikipedia article on Plasma Cosmology, which was subsequently heavily censored.
Plasma cosmology is a non-standard cosmology which emphasizes the electromagnetic properties of astrophysical plasmas. Plasma cosmology includes qualitative explanations for the evolution of the universe — from the cosmic microwave background, to galaxy formation, to large scale structure. Fundamental to its explanations are interpretations of many astrophysical phenomena by scaling results from laboratory experiments.
Is time and space curving back on itself?
Do we live in a feedback universe, I think so… either way the time is coming to recognize that scientific truth works on scales of truth like everything else. Newton was not wrong its just that Einstein saw more truth, but he struggled with quantum realities, now we superstring theory and M theory.
The Big Bang perspective is probably the perspective that we have been capable of thus far, or up to the 20th century.
Reality looks different as we evolve our consciousness. The intellectual capabilities of Big Bang advocates are not the issue, in most cases they may will have developed outstanding minds, its a matter of context and the starting position of ones enquiry.
The Human race is at an early stage of development in cosmological terms; we have not yet even properly left the planet and started colonizing.
Even the plasma doughnut toroid universe is not the ultimate view, maybe just a more sophisticated one that the Big Bang.
We are on an awesome journey into the heart of a mystery, we have come so far, yet lets not think we have arrived, if as species we open to the larger reality then the potentials for our planet is not limited to the idea of limited resources— for the Universe is infinite and eternal and there is no shortage of energy, even in our Solar system.

What does the Kosmos say?

If we could convert the ineffable into English language, what would the logos sound like?
The Logos—the animating principle of life, logos equating to or resonant with divine logic and the logos representing symbols as in your company logo or your personal logo— would be totally affirmative.
Life is not neutral. Life is tilted towards benevolent abundance otherwise existence would not be.
Absolute balance or neutrality is the abyss, but something stirs the abyss. What is that stirs the abyss we might hear Aum, we might say simply life IS…
However the answer to our question in plain English would be YES.

The Kosmos says YES, YES…YES.

GOD is the Man

God is the Man….and the woman and the thing, “the everything’’ as Barry White says, also God is inside the game, is the game itself for all time and yet outside looking in.
God is personal, has personality and yet is impersonal, God is love, but love beyond what we can endure in its totality, for God loves it all, that would destroy us, so we are humbled to love God in our own way…as a wise man once said to me about religion “nothing is True as in ABSOLUTELY TRUE, but all is permitted”
All religion has its validity as a vehicle for reverence as opposed to a reverends vehicle which really should be modest.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The Lunatic Fringe

One of the fastest growing clubs in the world today is the lunatic fringe. Its members come from virtually every paradigm of thought. The clubs policy is one of open mindedness, full membership though requires an ability to present a perspective on your subject that challenges the authority of the status quo. Invariably successful members have worked on their hypothesis for several years, normally decades, cross referencing from many sources and combined with in field, hands on research.

The club does not attempt to completely evaluate the absolute validity of any works submitted; it merely creates a platform for those who have taken the trouble to outrage the experts.

The experts who are presented on the powerfully hypnotic platform of mainstream media work hand in hand with investigative journalists.

I once asked an investigative journalist-who had written a piece about the Davinci Code- how she came to her conclusions, with such conviction. Her conclusions were predictably dismissive on all fronts.
To her credit though she took the time to reply, she very helpfully sent me a quote from Wikipedia and she sent me the link to the Wikipedia page. (Wikipedia is great, but I suggest not as a final answer, relatively conventional)
Without having done a proper investigation into the myths behind the Davinci code, I am not in a position to speak with real authority on it. However my point is that there are very good reasons why the lunatic fringe club is growing and its telling us something profound about our world.

As the expert party line becomes more transparent—and truth appears more relative and obviously mythic—most people are at first angered, then confounded, confused, bemused and then somewhat sneering and aloof. The emotional journey of seeing behind the curtain of the dominant world mythology is enormous and even perilous. However what I suggest lies further along this journey of increasing transparency is one of acceptance on one hand and then awe and reverence for the creative and magical nature of life.

The world is gradually waking up to another level of truth, maybe not The Truth, the absolute truth, but the next level. The fa├žade of the worlds stage is looking a little battered we need to invest our attention and revamp our theatre, make it more beautiful and update the performance.

The world is theatre, an enchantment created by magical and creative means, its not so much conspiracy as inadvertent contracts. Who do we choose to believe? What story supports our reality? That’s the reality experience we sign up for.

Recognizing that we are choosing reality all the time, is an awareness of our awareness, it opens a door to wonder, creativity and opportunity. Life is a phenomenonal enactment.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The Thoughtform of a Chicken comes before the Chicken or the Egg

“Hey Psychonauts. Next time you are catapulted into hyperspace, ride this monkey.”

If a person can create an eloquent theory—a story that seems reasonable—that person can gain the attention of others. In time, that theory starts to gain credence and eventually it can be agreed upon. As the idea is being pulled into the collective imagination through others investing their attention upon it—in effect, giving it emotional energy—it starts to gain density in this realm.

Then we might find that elements of the story start to be proven by some people in some places at some time. Miraculously, other people in other places at the same time get the same results. Well of course! They are all downloading from the collective sphere. Before you know it, you have proof … That’s science.