Monday, 30 November 2009

2012—Going Beyond Information

The 2012 winter solstice is marker for the Earth as a being waking up to its Galactic membership which creates an increased conductivity of psychic phenomenon. The frequency of this is just beyond the info sphere. The info sphere or we could say techno sphere plugs directly into the internet. The internet is where the proliferation of information is manifest. In the 2012 era, which extends a decade or two beyond 2012 is where we witness the acceleration of polarity as information polarities are seeking resolution; this creates an increase in paradox.

I first experience this in a vision on top of a mountain in Real De Catorce in Mexico at spring equinox 1997. I saw, I was shown the multi leveled cacophony of truths and perceptions where different scales of organizations, from secret governments, local governments, religions and group ideological mindsets were convinced that they were in control or knew the truth. The emphasis of the vision was that it was imperative that each individual learn to feel energy and feel the energy behind the kaleidoscope of social myths. The Earth as a totality is unifying, but not in a static form, but in the form of a toroidal doughnut where internal and external reality folds in or feed each other much quicker. The fixed ideologies, whether new age, religious or governmental are based on set ideas, whereas the flowing energy field is being refreshed and made anew at a much faster rate, which requires an openness of mind and sensitivity to energy flows.

The polarity resolution impulse manifests as an information war. The consciousness we want to plug into is beyond this polarity and is experiential, creating an increase in your ability to feel energy, especially through simple chi gong exercises. The ability to feel your auric energy will increasingly become a valuable commodity as it allows for instant downloads.

The first thing to do is to recognize that there is in fact an information war and a lot of this battle is centred on the 2012 point. The negative scenarios, the doom and gloom brigade are consciously encouraging and manipulating the vision of destruction and even alien invasion. You do not have to buy into the worst case scenarios but just be conscious that there is an agenda to create fear through disinformation and misinformation. The infiltration of new age networking or other paradigms such as UFO-ology by agents of shadow societies is deliberately being purported. The mainstream media is invariably controlled—very easily done once you understand the psychology— to either ridicule the idea of consciousness expansion or paint the whole picture black.

If you learn the script of manipulation then it becomes far easier to navigate the social energy and tune into the slightly higher frequency of awakening that is just beyond the polarity. I say just beyond, because the Earth awakening is an immanence of consciousness, which we experience as a descension of spirit or light. The immanence of Earth awakening has no definitive correlations with the timeless wisdom and the transcendental traditions. I call this consciousness Turquoise Chiron Enchantment, which is the integration of all human artifact with what we call nature—it is supranatural.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

A Quick Note on Open Source Economy

On Reality activists podcast this week we have Tanya Kaps talking about her film ‘The Making of Being’, which focuses on the shift of consciousness in the world.

The whole issue of a changing world is ‘hotting up’ as we move closer to 2012, with visions of apocalypse or consciousness revolutions doing the rounds.

The Truth Changes

Referring this shift back to my last blog we can say that the dominant truth, values and perception of human society is based on strategic intelligence, scientific consensus, market forces and a focus on the external material reality. I suggest that although the economic competitive market has brought us material progress there has been a diminishing return of benefit to the global population in the last two or three decades, or maybe 50 years as corporate socialism has taken over from capitalism veiling an increasingly more ambitious plutocratic class. Humanity is no longer progressing because of the present economic system, it still progressing, but this is despite the system and now in the 2012 era we are coming to a crux. Those whom control the present system to a reasonable degree, the plutocrats, are battling hard to play the game not just to be winners but to be winners that take all. When the planet Pluto was moving through the zodiac sign of Sagittarius during 1996-2007 we were evolving and expanding as a species; philosophically, spiritually and conceptually. However with Pluto in Capricorn up to 2024, the whole evolutionary impulse of change deals with the fundamentals of social structure. It all gets that little bit more, hey….maybe a whole lot more serious. The heavy issues of totalitarianism are coming to the surface.

The Shift

The shift to new values, new truths and new forms of intelligence has been emerging on two fronts firstly a shift of power from 1, strategic intelligence to 2, emotional intelligence, egalitarian and humanitarian impulses. The shift in power can only come about by the pressure of public opinion rather than from within politics. From Orange to Green in the Enchantments model (which is a developmental map of human evolution similar in part, with Spiral Dynamics and also Ken Wilber’s Spectrum of Consciousness).

Underneath the shift in central power being attempted towards a more heart centred society there is another level of change occurring to 3, Yellow Pluto Enchantment this is more subtle, quieter and longer term it is a shift, that can be described in many ways….such as a shift to an open source economy, the wisdom of a diverse crowd (such as the whole species), wide spectrum intelligence, systemic intelligence, interdependence, benevolent self interest, decentralized movements of power in a system on the edge of chaos, the internet as analogous to human social structure… is Douglas Rushkoff talking about some of these points…..more explanations to come, but please leave comments..

Friday, 13 November 2009

The 2012 Era; The Evolution of Truth

Here is just one thread of my enquiry into the 2012 effect from the perspective of the evolution of truth.

The nature of the truth evolves-from 1, (Blue) absolutist authority to 2, (Orange) scientific experimental consensus to 3, (Green) relativity, post modernism, equalizing and then onto 4, (Yellow) appropriate truth and confidence in ones own truth with acceptance of others truth being appropriate to them at the moment.

You can probably appreciate that the very existence of the internet is pushing people to operate from a level of appropriate truth.
Applying this to society as well as the individuals that make up the levels of society we can see the complex pattern of truth in the world emerging now.

What is Appropriate

The appropriate level of truth recognizes that different truth are appropriate to different situations as Don Beck of Spiral Dynamics emphasizes an area of strife and war requires an absolutist authority to establish a moral code and set of laws to stabilize a region (Blue)

Therefore we can see that authoritarian governments and traditional religions have their place in human development, however on the shadow side we can also see how there is the danger that wars can be created or encouraged so as to inhibit human evolution and destabilize nations for political or economic gain.

The Modern Era

The emergence of scientific enquiry (Orange) has enabled and encouraged a focus on developing the material world, technologically and economically which then leads to a capitalist society. The competitive market is an arena of strategy, where the art of selling is rewarded. The nature of the ability to market oneself or a product is not necessarily malevolent and in fact has been essential to create the progress the world has enjoyed. As this truth has flourished the role of nation state governments has increasingly taken a back seat to the importance of multinational corporations.

The Post Modern Era

Providing society flourishes and there is a reasonable level of economic prosperity then a culture of deeper enquiry naturally emerges (Green) that questions the social development, looks at the ecological cost of industrialization, the inequalities of capitalism, the rigidity of scientific consensus and has a need for deeper meaning, humanitarian values and an understanding of consciousness. The radical spirit of this brings in the post modern mind and a need for equality on all levels. If this level of truth continues to develop spiritual truths and new consciousness paradigms then take hold. The need for equality also creates a need to reach a consensus amongst differing ideologies which creates an ever increasing relativity of truth. As Ken Wilber emphasizes in his work the shadow of this truth can lead to a complete aversion to all hierarchies, material progress and a rigidly idealistic mind.

Going Forward

However as Dr Graves work shows human society, needs to develop each level and each level must emerge if humanity is to continue to evolve. Don Beck suggests we are now in an age of meme wars, meaning the different truth are doing battle. The present locus of power in the world is with economic interests and so we see that there is a strategic campaign which includes disinformation to inhibit the full emergence of the egalitarian impulse for it undermines the dominant economic interests.
Appropriate truth (Yellow) allows one to have a more open, adaptable perspective to the increased diversity and explosion of information and perceptions flooding the human environment.

The self now lives with an edge of uncertainty, responding to the cascade of stimuli of the information age yet moving back and forth with the evolving centre of personal truth. The self accepts the paradox of the world. A society that develops with this truth would accept the need for some authority and law yet recognizes that free market competition is also needed but also determines that economic forces need to be held in balance by essential humanitarian needs.

In the age of systemic intelligence (Yellow) which is attempting to manifest in our lifetime, we would also see the natural progression of the open source economy as witnessed on the internet, where people naturally give and contribute to collective initiatives, both for the joy of taking part and in self interest.
Also we would see innovations in; clean energy, healing and more natural medicines and science all of which would arise quickly without the strategic blocks of the present economic structure. Open enquiry and debate in ancient history and a whole host of subjects presently considered taboo by the establishment would also proceed unhindered by the constant undermining, ridiculing and negative conditioning of the present mainstream media who largely extol the truth of orange. The filtration of the news and all information in the mainstream inadvertently and otherwise supports and protect the dominant economic interests. The necessity of our age, the imperative of the next 10-20 years is that the dominant truth does shift from Orange to Green, otherwise what was a benign ‘winner and loser’ society could become a winner takes all society.

Tune in and Listen

On the world stage there is a cacophony of frequencies or we could say voices the loudest truths are Blue and Orange, Green can be heard and yellow is much quieter and almost unheard is Turquoise, but even that it is emerging. Turquoise is a planetary awareness a simplicity of truth derived from direct experience not merely from the five senses but from the five senses incorporated into the connection to energy fields.
The greater 2012 era as I have suggested elsewhere is the acceleration towards this level of truth.
To the evolution of truth we can add this quick over view of the evolution of intelligence

The Evolution of Intelligence

From 1, Instinctive to 2, Magical to 3, Cunning to 4, Playful-communal-mythic to 5, Explorative exploitation to 6, Moral practical to 7, Scientific rational (IQ) sharp mind, quick witted and strategic to 8, Emotional intelligence (EQ) intuitive absorption to 9, Open systemic intelligence to 10, Experiential channel of Earths totality from the Turquoise Chiron Enchantment

My work the Enchantments of Life is based on the world as it appears from the emerging Turquoise, watch this space in the months to come for more information

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

What Revolution?

Well it’s been over a month since I have posted on Mystic Cyber Crow, I have been on a helter skelter ride of my psyche looking deeply into the nature of transformation on Earth in this 2012 era. The shadow elements of our society are rapidly coming to the surface. The game is on.

The new 2012 apocalyptic film comes out soon and so I feel it is very important that people learn some basics about the Mayan Calendar. It measures an approximate 26,000 year cycle and suggests transformations of culture and Planet. The nature and the scale of the cycle suggests endings and beginnings over a relatively short period but not in one day. The 2012 era started maybe 100 years ago and the effect accelerated in the 1990s as evidenced by many things including the sudden compulsive interest in the Mayans and their culture. The period of change is definitely upon us and it is connected to human consciousness, culture and all that we see occurring in our society.

The 2012 effect is the shift towards galactic consciousness and the very early stages of a beyond Earth civilization, meaning a membership with a much larger community.

The multi tiered nature of our reality means that people will be experiencing different perspectives but the push towards galactic membership which has started already with the increasing ET presence on Earth—which I suggest is largely benevelont. (See the Disclosure Project testimonies on You Tube to understand the Secret Government manipulation of the ET presence)—also means the acceleration of an experiential planetary consciousness, the planet waking up to itself, the burgeoning noosphere,transformation to new psychic, energetic conductive atmosphere the subtle energy of the totality of our planet—also means the acceleration of a global government and global society with both dark agendas of control and the light impulse of planetary awakened society—also means the acceleration of interactive global communication, the importance of the internet for cultural engineering—also means the end of the old paradigm of materialism and the strong resistance to that change—also means the acceleration of religious agendas.

The next decade or two decades will see this top down effect, if any one is truly interested in the 2012 effect they need to change their frame of reference from the overtly physical paradigm towards the energy field frame of reference.

I am working intensely on an in depth explanation of the 2012 era and will keep you posted