Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The World is Not Only Stranger than We Imagine, it is Stranger than We Can Imagine

The Integral movement seems to ignore a very important subject, namely the issue of an ancient advanced civilization. 


There is a general sense that the Integral Movement wants legitimacy within the present framework, and that requires that certain subjects are to be avoided in an integral view.

I am speaking in a broadbrush manner, I am sure there are those who study such things as Atlantis within the integral communities. (Quietly)

The Integral position is still well in advance of the mainstream perspective, so perhaps it is understandable that many do not want to be ridiculed? 

However what I read from Ken and others is that Astrology, UFOlogy, Atlantis, Psychotropic journeys, Yeti, or Fortean Phenomena--where astral entities cross over into our world, are all essentially subjective.

The truth of the immanent energy field is that the subject-object divide is transgressed.  Spirit is most easily found within, but once the constructs of self are seen, then we start to become aware of the toroidal flow of consciousness from inside us to out side of us and from outer to inner. Once the self starts to become transparent we see the connectivity between the personal and collective psyche.

The term subjective suggests fantasy, but the imagination is a two way osmotic plasma screen with personal filters of belief and ideology. We can create a fantasy on our plasma screen but the screen also receives energy, information and imagery.

Emotions and thoughts are substances, less dense than matter, so here we are already transgressing the objective-subjective divisions.

The term projection is a misnomer, we are always projecting or as I prefer to say, we are always filtering.
These subjects push the buttons of defensive psychology. Even those who might have an intellectual position in one of these ‘lunatic fringe’ areas can express disdain for astrology or conspiracy or such like.

In the Integral view the 'woo woo' realm belongs to Green vMeme (Spiral Dynamics designation of psychological level), the new age, idealistic, pluralistic position.

Having looked at all of these challenging areas over decades I have found that there are intellectual systemic researchers within the paradigms. All of them have a basis in reality, objective-subjective reality.

Quite simply the subjects themselves cannot be reduced to one level of psychology because there is very strong evidence underpinning the passionate interest they arouse.

Unless one immerses oneself inside the subject you cannot really know the truth of it.

All of these contentious areas are extremely complex and are very much unfolding mysteries that require more and more intelligent questions, but from my experience they are all extremely valid areas of inquiry.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

What is Really Going on Now?

What is now? 

Now is a packet of time which is a fractal of the NOW—the eternal moment of NOW. Every moment is the still point at the centre of the toroid—the eye of the storm.

The rolling river of consciousness folds back on itself in every moment.
To change our consciousness is to change our relationship with the eternal moment.
The more our consciousness expands, the more our clarity of eternity becomes in our experience. This is to say our experience in each moment reflects God with ever greater lucidity as we evolve our consciousness.  

The experience of life that we have in every moment is the contraction of the ever lasting moment as it enters our awareness, for the infinite/eternal, trans-temporal/trans-spatial unified consciousness of divinity, is not only found further and further ‘out there’ but also found further and further ‘within here’.

Spiritual evolution is the ability to release attachment and then re-grasp reality anew at a greater rate of recovery. This is the flow of unconditional love, to be in awe of life, to have faith in life, to be in the flow of impermanence, whilst simultaneously recognizing the still point of love, wholeness and consciousness.

The evolutionary imperative in our world is increasing the flow of energy and dissolving old forms or constructs noticeably faster. In this environment it becomes harder to hold onto that which we consider solid; we start to wonder what is tangible? Is anything tangible; is anything real, can we rely on anything?

Yes indeed, we can rely on life much more, in fact we have to rely on life more, and we have no choice but to operate on a deeper level of faith. The forms and constructs we operate in and with are becoming more subtle, in becoming more subtle they are in fact becoming more truly real. The old solidities of absolutism, common sense surety, confidence in rationalities or even confidence in blissful ideology dissolve at a faster rate in the accelerated flow of consciousness.

And so the heart has to open.

Each gradient of velocity— the graduations of faster flowing consciousness—are increasing levels of consciousness, where we have progressively more time, for we are incrementally, a little bit at a time, entering a greater dimension of eternity.

The Reality of the Plutocrats

Following on from yesterday, I am sure something big is happening in regards to the global economy, but it is an underworld event, ie behind the curtain.

I was having dreams that spoke of behind the curtain shenanigans.

The 1929 Wall street Crash of late October was four and half years after a Jupiter Pluto opposition and this might make more sense with the timing of the fundamental change to the structure of the USA.

The pressure is building in intensity, but maybe it is going to become yet more intense.

The transit of Pluto opposite to the USA Sun is throughout 2014, Pluto transformations take at least a year to be externally visible, well normally...we can expect it to be obvious in 2016-2017. Pluto will be opposite to its position at the time of the 1929 crash at this point. A mirroring is suggested.

Looking at the situation now, that does seem a long way off but there is this long drawn out transformational energy being experienced.

We don't have to have a global depression or the corresponding WW3, but we do have to have a reconfiguration of the global economy and social structure.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Jupiter opposite Pluto

The Jupiter, Pluto cycle rules the cycles of the deep impulse for power.

It rules real wealth and the desire to seize power. The seed point, the conjunction for this cycle was December 2007. The 2008 financial collapse was most likely the first result of a large scale strategy to control the global economy. Jupiter is now in an opposition to Pluto, the exact opposition is on August 8.

So it with some concern that I see this was posted on 1 August
Karen Hudes World Bank Whistleblower: All Currency Is On The Brink Of Collapse

and then this...

HSBC bank closing accounts for diplomats in Britain (including the Vatican account)

and surely as others have been suggesting around the web this might have something to do with American Embassies being closed and yet another terrorist threat? Distraction?

So is it finally going to happen?


One thing is for sure there is a lot going on, to say the least and it is not in the mainstream media