Sunday, 23 January 2011

Astrological update

Jupiter has now moved into Aries, as of 22 January 2011, an ingress that supports vision and leadership.

The pioneering and innovative spirit of humankind will be activated when Uranus moves into Aries on 12 March this year.

By summer 2012, Uranus will be in an exact 90-degree square with Pluto in Capricorn—this relationship between these two planets stays in operation until 2015. During this period, the pioneering spirit will be in confrontation with the totalitarian element, both within the individual human psyche and, more obviously, within the political leadership.

The innovators would go too far, too fast. The controllers would have human society regress and give up the gains of free expression. The result of this configuration will be a creative conflict where fundamental new awakenings will arise within human society.

We will see profound, large-scale structural changes within most social systems over the next decade.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Drumroll... 2011

Global tensions will continue to rise during 2011, with a growing desire in humanity to overthrow the outworn restrictions being placed upon social progress. There will undoubtedly be more outbreaks of conflict, destruction, zeal and headstrong actions. The energy of 2011 is conflictive and yet creative, as the forces of control in the collective psyche attempt to hold back the ardent impulse for the new, the innovative and the pioneering.

Pluto in Capricorn demands we engage with ‘the hard task ahead’, as a friend of mine put it. A sustained and focused intention is required. Despite the challenges, these coming years will be good for you if you slow down and engage your will, patience and strength, whilst staying open and adaptive without letting go of an enduring vision or intention.

Jupiter moves into Aries on 22 January and then forms a square with Pluto on the 21 February; this is a taster for the years to come. Uranus moves into Aries on 12 March and by July will have moved into a square—with a two degree orb—with Pluto. Uranus then retrogrades from early July to 11 December and has its first exact 90 degree relationship in June 2012 with Pluto. This configuration will last until 2015 and promises a social revolution and a major clash of values in the public arena.

Get with the program. Do not be a lightweight. Commit to your authentic sense of responsibility, rather than the call from the media for ‘social responsibility’. If it is ubiquitous in the press, it’s probably rubbish.

Chiron and Neptune will be entering Pisces from 8 February and 4 April, respectively, bringing more confusion, deception and delusion—yet enabling more people to potentially connect to the numinous and to see through the imagery of deceit, social engineering and illusion in general.

In 2011, I am focusing on writing my book and working with clients on Skype or in person on Lamma Island, Hong Kong or England (in April this year, at least).

This means considerably less time on Facebook and Twitter, as well as less blogging, and no talks or workshops planned until I get this book done. The need for a comprehensive and explanatory book has increased as the Enchantments of Life cannot be adequately described with the short and distracting attention of online viewing. Further, I feel that people will need a map of reality that has some gravitas to it in the years ahead.

I have to say that now I am finally moving forward with the book in a structured manner, it feels very good.

Happy New Year.