Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Does humanity need to ask new questions concerning human origins, the nature of reality and consciousness?

DO YOU share the fascination with me on the nature of perception and the questioning of reality?
I am presently building more connections with some really fascinating people, who are indeed asking intelligent questions and whom I am very happy to promote.

IF like me you have spent time researching, learning and developing your awareness, or you have information that can actually change this world through raising awareness and opening perception…
THEN I would like to connect with you on a reciprocal manner and continue to expand a network to reach more people.

The internet is effectively being used by people who purely want to make money, or reinforce and repeat the conventional and consensual positions on reality.
HOWEVER increasingly the opportunities appear for those of us who are labeled ‘alternative’ to reach more people and put our message before them.
DO YOU agree the world needs to ask more intelligent questions about the nature of reality?
IF THAT IS SO, if you truly have something to say that is resonant with the need to explore our perceptions on reality, as I do here on Mystic Cyber Crow….

THEN please sign up follow this blog, link to me and consider a Twitter link, its fast and connects with loads of people.
Twitter is an extremely useful tool for connecting to larger numbers of people— globally—whom are interested in what you have to say and you get to learn new things about your niche from those people.

I am very happy to reciprocate if you have something fresh to say on Ancient History, consciousness, human evolution, integral studies, astrology, perception or similar.

connect with me on Twitter here

and become a follower of Mystic Cyber Crow now

Thank you and I look forward to reading more of what you have to say

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