Monday, 25 October 2010

Ecuador Postponed

I have been putting off writing this announcement, as it pains me somewhat, but I have had to face the fact that I will not be able to elicit enough people to put on the Ecuador Enchantments Experience in 2011. Money is the issue; most of those that are interested do not have the money that is needed. The cost would be considerably more than I first thought. There is a growing interest in the Enchantments of Life, but at present many of those people are merely curious.

So my job is to continue to write, explain and bring greater cohesion to my work and attract a more substantial interest in The Enchantments.

This morning as I was on my roof in the sunshine doing my practices, the joy of the Ecuador vision I have been holding flooded into me. South America feels like the best location in the world to anchor the Enchantments Initiative. Ecuador and in particular Vilcabamba is not only beautiful, safe, tranquil and energetically clear, it is also a place of vitality.

MontesueƱos itself is the perfect venue for several reasons, it sits just outside the town, is a purpose built, environmentally harmonious, magical and extraordinarily delicious intimate space, created by Brian O’leary who has spent his life seeing the Enchantment of the world and recognizing some of the fundamental needs for our planetary survival and evolution.

I have a clear intention that I will be going to MontesueƱos, hopefully in 2012 and hopefully with a group of people.

My heart felt thanks to those who showed interest in coming with me in 2011 and with the gods willing support we will be there in 2012.