Sunday, 24 February 2013

The 2012 Effect Continued; 2013 the Year of the Comets and the Gradual Emergence of Benevolent Culture

We are living in the midst of a change bigger than the industrial revolution, but in a more compressed timeframe. Whereas the scientific enlightenment and the industrial revolution took centuries to be fully realized, this evolutionary transformation is only decades long. Happening, now, in our lifetime. Extraordinary, yes really, we are living in extraordinary times. Astounding. It is a total privilege to be alive at this time. Change is unsettling, frightening, yet the change gradually emerging is awesome. I used the awesome in its proper context. We are living at an awesome time in a awesome world.

The story of existence, our origins, our evolutionary development, our history, the truth about the money we use and what actually goes on in government is seen by many, perhaps as much as twenty percent of the population as a fantasy. We are being presented by all official sources with a partial truth. Out of date.

The wall of the mainstream trance has been breached on every front. If you look around the internet you will find that the concept of reality we find here is in complete discordance to the media led educational supported and economically controlled story. 

Now it is fair to say that emotional speculative opinion, loose ideas are rife, understandably when the search for truth is disavowed on television, or through newspapers, universities, archaeology, scientific institutions or political discourse.

However if people had time, which many do not, they will find that within all of the alternative paradigms that there are sound, highly credible, intellectually astute, researchers that show without doubt the truth of our existence is far more incredible than the materialistic mind is able to perceive or cope with. 

Here is just three quick provocative statements that I am happy to make, based on a lifetime of inquiry.

Extra-terrestrials exist they have been here for a long time, they have been and are involved in our evolution, the documentation is available.

There was an advanced civilization of sorts on Earth before 10,000BCE the archaeological evidence is clear.

The cosmos is electrical and human beings are extremely sensitive to subtle electro-magnetic fields as they are the conduit between our spiritual make up and our physical bodies. 

We all have had, at the very least, ten years (sometimes 20 years) of formal education by the time we enter the workplace, thereby we continue are education, largely unknowingly, through television and other media. So how long does it take to be able to discern with some sophistication larger truths that conflict with the mainstream materialistic survival of the fittest mythology? A long period of intense personal study is required, to be able to sift through the data.

A clear picture cannot be seen by anyone by watching a single documentary, one needs to read many of the books that are out written by people who have 20, 30 and 40 years of research and focus on these alternative subjects. Experts in their fields, scientists, archaeologists, historians with a lifetime interest that they often have to fully pursue once their corporate careers are over. Even then, after reading book after book and personal contemplation, cross referencing, intuitive inspirations, visions etc, even then we cannot know the complete picture in detail, but the three basic facts above are safe conclusions. 

You may or may not agree.

The world as it is, created by the partially illusory theatrical mainstream story has so many gifts for us, such as restaurants, bars, technological toys, the internet, air travel, hotels, food from all over the world, films, constant novelty...drama, excitement, stimulation, we live in interesting times. We are not ready to just give it all up. We do not have to give it all up.  The speed of change to a new form of culture is tied to our ability to adjust emotionally. Conceptually speaking the word is adjusting quite rapidly but our emotional needs are much slower, we want the security of a stable reality. That is the way it should be. However the reality, the fabric of reality is changing, we have, yes we have to, engage with the flow and direction of change whilst attempting to enjoy our life as it is and hold it together within the parameters of the social conditions we find ourselves in.

Where do we start, that is what has been on my mind for a long time.

Two answers.

One is that the collective, community, co-operative, egalitarian, humanitarian...what shall we call it...movement, yes a movement, a stirring within the species, is going in the right direction.  
However, just as important we start with self interest. We start by being where ‘we are at’, in time, in space, in our bodies, in our truths, in the sovereignty of our souls. If we are centred then we can reach out and join in with others effectively. Or we can just be a conscious influence, a transmitter of awareness, a frequency contributor, based on feeling connected, being able to access our natural relaxed appreciation of life, the joy of being alive.

The innovation of culture that is actually emerging is largely based on the interdependent collaboration from the internet. However we also need to be with others, to come together in small groups, in intimate settings, in a relaxed manner and enjoy creatively bringing in the awareness of what is emerging. Reinforcement is creation.

To this end I am synthesizing over twenty years of work into a course, the first module will be held this spring in England. For me, presenting this course feels like I am really beginning my work, I ask you to give it your consideration. I am promising to do everything in my power to give the ten people who attend this course, an enjoyable experience that has real value in their lives. The course details will be available soon, but here is the outline.

Claim Your Power: Own Your Time and Space


A Six-Part Experiential Course with Laurence James Lucas,
UK Spring 2013
Module One of the new Enchanting Your Life transformational programme

This six-part experiential course will teach you how to develop your own unique practice of self-empowerment by understanding and mapping time, defining space and utilizing your life energy accordingly. The approach we take in this course is playful, creative and expressive, yet respectful of the appropriate structures within which we have our existence.

The work being presented is based on the integration of consciousness. The process of integrating the different aspects of self is the journey of the evolution of consciousness, a weaving of the body of light. We each have our existence within a tapestry of frequencies. This course will help you weave your tapestry consciously. This integration happens by degrees; the prerequisite is creating a habitual practice of awareness that fits into your life as it already is.

We will explore and stimulate your creativity, self-expression, sovereignty, self-empowerment, self-healing, guidance and purpose. This course is designed for people who are really ready to engage with themselves and have the desire and are willing to actively participate.

Dates and Time
10am to 5pm on the following days:

Day One: Sunday 14 April (1 Jaguar)
Day Two: Saturday 20th April (7 Lord, Flower or Sun)
Day Three: Sunday 21st April (8 Crocodile)
Day Four: Saturday 27th April (1 Deer)
Day Five: Saturday 4th May (8 Jaguar)
Day Six: Sunday 5th May (9 Eagle)

Places: Limited to 10 spaces only
Venue: Private home in Westerham, Kent (off the M25)
Cost: £300 for the full course, including handouts, worksheets and a copy of LjL’s 2012 book (if you already have this book, the six-part course is £280.)

Day One:

Locating Yourself in Your Body in Time and Space

Sunday 14 April (1 Jaguar)

Day Two:

Establishing your Sovereignty: Connecting to the Body of Light

Saturday 20th April (7 Lord, Flower or Sun)

Day Three:

Drawing from the Well: Replenishing Your Energy

Sunday 21st April (8 Crocodile)

Day Four:

Navigation: Riding the Corridors of Time

Saturday 27th April (1 Deer)

Day Five:

Stepping Down Your Consciousness into the Terrestrial Realm

Saturday 4th May (8 Jaguar)

Day Six:

Weaving and Calibrating the Luminous Body: Utilizing Your Tools

Sunday 5th May (9 Eagle)

Each workshop day will include one or two shamanic-based ceremonies and/or energy practice.

All details to follow very soon. Please email to secure your place.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Chinese New Year Today

My First Impressions of Water Snake

Today is Chinese New Years day. The Chinese New Year is based on the lunar cycle within the context of the Solar Year, it is rooted in a connection to the past, the ancestors, the family and the basic Yin/Yang perspective of good, bad, good fortune, bad fortune.

Dragon is the first of the 12 animals and has a correspondence with the Aries Zodiac signs as the initiator of the Chinese circle of Animals. The 2012 Water Dragon year represented a powerful surge of flow coming into the planet, the cosmic influx, as I have been explaining it. Dragon is an Earth sign, so the 2012 element of water added to Dragon equated to the storage of water, which is the cosmic high energy influx being stored and building up. Dragon is very powerful, but was calmed by the element of water.

This lunar year is the Water Snake. The Snake is called little Dragon as it is the Dragon come to Earth, the stepping down of the cosmic energy into the body and physical world. This is a year, on this lunar frequency, of caution and alertness, go slowly and stay connected to your instincts. The flux state will continue but the energy is being stepped down by an increment. The effect is unpredictable, but the essence is that the polarities can still be held in an equilibrium (water), continue to step ahead with your new projects that are in resonance with the new era, but build steadily, be cautious, use some cunning, stay adaptive, modest, connected to your survival instinct, do not get fixated on outcomes, do not rely on financial prosperity, to reiterate rely on your instinct. Be in your power, quietly, in the body, this year is a slippery one so stay centred rather than being over confident.

Earth Rat year, 2008, was epitomized by the gambling greedy Rat and the most recent financial collapse which brought some realism in 2009 with the Earthy Ox and the realization that the financial system is based on empty promises. Metal Tiger of 2010 was the year of demanding truth, it was year of clashes in relationship and really pushed the world into polarity, government and the mainstream versus the people, it has not really let up since then but the issues really came to the fore in 2010.

The 2011 Metal Rabbit was a year of staying within ones mindset, being sociable within your ideological group, people compartmentalized into online tribes and into their social posse. 2012 was  a year of big statements and proclamations mirroring the enormous recalibration that was occurring to the Earth Energy field. Water Snake 2013 is a year full of illusions and illusions dissolving this is manageable if you stay on the ground and gently allow the old skin to shed, gradual transformation in accord with the conditions.

New Moon Today at 07.21 GMT or 3.21pm HK Time

The western Astrological system yields more information for me, with the New Moon, Conjunction of Sun and Moon in the 22nd degree of Aquarius and the Moon’s North Node exactly square the New Moon of the Chinese Year at the 22nd Degree of Scorpio. The Sabian Symbols are 22 Aquarius  a rug placed on the floor for children to play on, this speaks of creating a safe space where everything needed is at hand, and it is a temporary space, we have limited the space of exploration. The Node, Hunters starting out for Ducks, tells us that the challenge is to step forward with cunning, camouflage and alertness, to hunt for survival, to engage with the flow of life. So we are to leave the comfort zone of the rug but with a recognition of the changing terrain. In shamanic terms we are to stalk our power, opportunity and all that we need to survive and flourish rather than take things for granted.

The foundation though is the ability to create a space for ourselves, Own our time and space, set the parameters for our experience and consciously acknowledge what those parameters are, then consciously leave that space with the knowledge that we will keep re-entering into it.

Define your life based on the resources you actually have, do not get ahead of yourself then proceed with the instinct of the hunter and be prepared to act quickly at the right moment.

I will edit and update this with a little more soon....
The Mayan Day of Monkey 3 also tells us more about the coming Lunar Year, read about it on my 260 day count blog.Have a look at my daily Mayan Sacred Calendar blog here