Sunday, 1 January 2012

2012, My New Year Statement

2012 brings a flood of cosmic energy into the subtle energy domain of Earth which is where matter and spirit meet. The incoming waves of energy have been intensifying since the 1980’s and are now reaching a crescendo of influx.

The influx of cosmic energy, manifest as high energy plasma, is pulling the complex living system known as Earth towards its own awakening. The Earth is definitely going through some physical change or flux, the magnetic pole is wandering there is increased space weather phenomena and strange animal deaths. The energy field of Earth is being affected by incoming cosmic energy.

To fully understand the Earth changes we have to understand that the Earth is a complex living system that includes humanity and all of its cultural, sociological and psychological developmental levels. The incoming plasma (physical substance) observed by Russian scientist Alexi Dmitriev directly affects human thoughts, emotions and experiences, yet also we should recognize the opposite is true. Human species consciousness will translate the influx of extra energy, differently depending upon each level of conciousness. (Enchantment)

The awakening of Earth as a complex living system is a specific stage of cultural and individual development. The stage is planetary, planetary consciousness, culture and civilization. (Chiron Enchantment)  The full manifestation of this planetary culture is some way off and requires a significant amount of individuals to achieve this awakening for them selves in order to be the conduit for the planet itself. The effect of the influx or descension of cosmic energy into Earth creates an acceleration of all scripts or polarities on lower levels of culture towards completion. In the short term this means increasing confusion, chaos and malleability of reality.  The likelihood of war, economic collapse, food shortage, earthquakes potentially increases, however I would suggest that there is a significant percentage of people who have awakened to the pre-planetary stage of consciousness—what is commonly thought of as the alternative mindset— to alleviate the worst of the destructive energy. The evolutionary imperative for society is to recognize that it is being steered by dark agendas towards its potential demise and to courageously resist the stupefying peer pressure to conform to enslavement of the spirit. The comfortable path of disengagement is the path of falling asleep and handing over the Earth to a default program of unconsciousness. If the war in Iran can be contained then the war between dark and light can continue to take place in the information sphere via the internet and through communal gatherings of protest.

The full cataclysmic outcome is unlikely to happen, but how much of a shock does humanity need to detach from the programming and resist the illegitimate leadership of the socio economic system?

More positively the spirit of protest and counter culture will give rise to euphoric breakthroughs, new music, art and spontaneous visions and unusual experiences as the Earths energy field continues to increase its psychic fecundity. The atmosphere will continue to feel somewhat strange as the flux and malleability of the reality substance. Plasma is the fundamental state of matter and therefore is the most direct conduit between consciousness and the full manifest experience.

The planet is a living totality, a kaleidoscopic dynamic maelstrom of consciousness seeking a degree of integration and unified consciousness. The 2012 gateway is an acceleration of evolution creating an opportunity and necessity for greater consciousness—the emergence of a planetary consciousness. 2012 is an artifact of the Mayan Calendar which measures the cyclical relationship of the Earth with the Galaxy and therefore the influx of energy from the Galactic realm. 

A deep understanding of 2012 requires a multidimensional approach, because reality is multidimensional. A multidimensional understanding can only be anchored by firstly considering the psychology of a human being. The psychology of each of as individuals is comprised of stages of development—which is another way of saying multidimensional. Commonly when people think of different dimensions of reality they are not considering the fact that our own psychology is directly linked to the various levels of density. See the Enchantments of Life.

The popular and easy assumptions that either dismiss or affirm the importance and validity of 2012 as a significant phenomena assumes a flatland of commonalty or straightforward material/spiritual perspective—which is a simplistic evaluation of people, the human species and the nature of planet Earth.

In the mainstream media where adrenalin hits of sensationalist stories are the mainstay of reportage there are two options, either 2012 is a non event or a global cataclysm. This leaves no room for human consciousness and the creative will of our species. Existence is responsive to consciousness and action, consciousness is causal and consciousness has many densities.

The most important aspect of 2012 is the call to the human species to awaken to their true nature as complex spiritual beings who operate upon multiple levels and are taking part in the co-creation of an unfolding reality. There is no definitive quick or easy conclusion to 2012, other than the fact that we are living in an epoch that is inherently and transparently encoded with an evolutionary imperative: an imperative that is urging us to become more conscious of the planetary reality that we are walking about in. We are part of the answer to the outcome of the 2012 transition, rather than just passive observers. We are being asked to choose how we should be led and to actively envision a positive planetary society rather than a default global hegemony.

To become more conscious of the world today requires a willingness to look at uncomfortable and messy truths. We are all being asked to look at the shadow, the hidden energies that create our surface experiences. This has to be done both individually and collectively, it is no longer enough to say ‘sort yourself out’ and the world will change nor is it sufficient to only to focus on the manipulation and corruption of big business and covert government. Not one or the other, but both. This is uncomfortable, and there is no way around it, but as we engage with the process we will find it energizing.
On a collective level, the systemic solutions would seem to be include the following--

Laws that stops public servants in government belonging to secret societies, laws that inhibit monopolies so that we have a free economic power. A free market would yield clean virtually free energy technologies that would eventually solve THE ecological problem, which on a physical level is pollution.
A free market and a free media would encourage holistic living and disavow the chemical enslavement of humanity that is being presently being sought through agriculture and medicine. A free global internet would create dialogue that would make war less viable. Ultimately for the planetary civilization to manifest a non partisan planetary assembly that communicates with the living totality will be required to act as a context holder—a group of people sanctioned to hold the energy and act as legitimate living conduits for the Earth.

None of this can be initiated from within the dominant hierarchy of the social system in the west, it is corrupted beyond repair.
Intimate discussions amongst people on the net and off the net that recognize the manipulation of society, together with the nurturing of new visions for a whole Earth civilization and individual awakenings to the highly theatrical nature of the world as it is, will enable and energize the change that Earth itself is seeking .

The planetary level of consciousness is the bridge between our terrestrial society and history as we know it with the cosmic realities.