Sunday, 22 November 2009

A Quick Note on Open Source Economy

On Reality activists podcast this week we have Tanya Kaps talking about her film ‘The Making of Being’, which focuses on the shift of consciousness in the world.

The whole issue of a changing world is ‘hotting up’ as we move closer to 2012, with visions of apocalypse or consciousness revolutions doing the rounds.

The Truth Changes

Referring this shift back to my last blog we can say that the dominant truth, values and perception of human society is based on strategic intelligence, scientific consensus, market forces and a focus on the external material reality. I suggest that although the economic competitive market has brought us material progress there has been a diminishing return of benefit to the global population in the last two or three decades, or maybe 50 years as corporate socialism has taken over from capitalism veiling an increasingly more ambitious plutocratic class. Humanity is no longer progressing because of the present economic system, it still progressing, but this is despite the system and now in the 2012 era we are coming to a crux. Those whom control the present system to a reasonable degree, the plutocrats, are battling hard to play the game not just to be winners but to be winners that take all. When the planet Pluto was moving through the zodiac sign of Sagittarius during 1996-2007 we were evolving and expanding as a species; philosophically, spiritually and conceptually. However with Pluto in Capricorn up to 2024, the whole evolutionary impulse of change deals with the fundamentals of social structure. It all gets that little bit more, hey….maybe a whole lot more serious. The heavy issues of totalitarianism are coming to the surface.

The Shift

The shift to new values, new truths and new forms of intelligence has been emerging on two fronts firstly a shift of power from 1, strategic intelligence to 2, emotional intelligence, egalitarian and humanitarian impulses. The shift in power can only come about by the pressure of public opinion rather than from within politics. From Orange to Green in the Enchantments model (which is a developmental map of human evolution similar in part, with Spiral Dynamics and also Ken Wilber’s Spectrum of Consciousness).

Underneath the shift in central power being attempted towards a more heart centred society there is another level of change occurring to 3, Yellow Pluto Enchantment this is more subtle, quieter and longer term it is a shift, that can be described in many ways….such as a shift to an open source economy, the wisdom of a diverse crowd (such as the whole species), wide spectrum intelligence, systemic intelligence, interdependence, benevolent self interest, decentralized movements of power in a system on the edge of chaos, the internet as analogous to human social structure… is Douglas Rushkoff talking about some of these points…..more explanations to come, but please leave comments..

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  1. ps your not really programming communism with open source anything, in case you were worried