Wednesday, 5 August 2009

WizDom Quotes

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"love is a larger space to live in" ..Roomi

• Living in the twitterscape; authority just got decentralized-in this moment I AM president-oh well it was good while it lasted, your turn...

• living in time is living in impermanence, but watch the clock and see how long it lasts, love is eternal even if it only lasts a little while

• paradox is resolved with a multi-levelled perception and a singular acceptance

• I have your attention for a few seconds I respect that,

• internet marketing promises; living and camping in the conTENT, reading all the buzz text, you forget the CONtext-the art of selling selling

• the mind is an excellent tool but limits reality, the heart is a fool but far more intelligent-/-/- dancing at the paradox edge

• ATTENTION! Yes please PAY attention in this Age of Attention for it is the world’s commodity, everyone wants yours so they can survive and flourish

• life after NOW, having transcendent awareness & yet engaging with the river of mind, time, twitter, facebook and all the other 21stC distractions. Dancing the paradox of diversity in unity.

• being conscious in 21stC means know your truth, living with an edge of open uncertainty thereby overcoming the unconscious filters of intellectual superiority & holiness

• Find your Niche at the intersection of different paradigms you are a unique remix of culture play to find it

based on todays “shoot from the hip” tweets by LjL

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