Monday, 27 April 2009

The Phusikoi

On Saturday 3 May I will be speaking at Phusikoi

Phusikoi is a rare project, emanating from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. It is an initiative to explore consciousness, with an emphasis on new media, science and technology, but with an open mind to spirituality and differing perceptions of consciousness. The main mover behind this project seems to be Gino Yu, who is active on the web.

See his blog here:

“His main area research interests involve the application of media technologies to cultivate creativity and promote enlightened consciousness.” (From the Huffington Post)

Immediately, I think Gino’s interest in gaming and media of all sorts makes him an ideal candidate for the Reality Activists Podcast, so I will hopefully get the chance to invite him on our show:

The name Phusikoi is derived from the Greek expression that arose during the period known as the Axial Age. The Axial Age, around 500–600BCE, saw the dawning of the linear mind and definitive moral codes, through a spontaneous worldwide phenomenon of great visionaries such as Buddha, Confucius and Plato.

If you have been imbibed in the intoxicating need to know the truth of existence, as the original Phusikoi were, I would ask you to come on a metaphysical journey with me now. I would like to relate the great adventure of consciousness. Truth is not flat nor static; the inquirer of truth must enjoy the cascading fall into the kaleidoscopic well of all human perceptions. Let us start with the era of the Phusikoi and the Axial Age.

At that period, the crystallization of linear time, recorded history, social codes and suchlike was a precursor to stabilizing civilization and created a foundation from which latter-day science emerged. I discuss this in greater detail in my Enchantments of Life workshops, but for now we can simplistically summarize this process as the necessary separation of consciousness from matter that occurred after the shamanic eras and the symbolic-magical-mysticism of cultures such as Ancient Egypt.

Essentially, the Axial Age was a landmark in the evolution of human consciousness. It was a time that marked a greater division between objective and subjective reality, between spirit and matter.

The Axial Age was a necessary level of human development that ultimately veiled the extraordinary ancient archaic mysteries, yet at the time made humanity more conscious of those mysteries. So we can see that there was both a melancholic yearning to return back to Arcadia, while at the same time there was an acceleration in the awakening of self-consciousness as humanity unfolded from one developmental stage to another.

The Phusikoi stood at the doorway to an increasingly objective mind and reality. Paradoxically, I see today as a portal period towards a greater fusion of subjective–objective reality. The consciousness impulse of our era is not about a return to Arcadia exactly, rather more of a revision and an expansion of the original mythic and magical eras that will incorporate the material progress of the last 300 years. So I feel the name Phusikoi is an inspiring label for our time and I suggest this doorway leads away from the 20th-century reliance on science to a newly awakening consciousness that I call the Enchantment.

My position regarding consciousness is that the ultimate truth is ineffable, because it is beyond the mind—it is pure consciousness, consciousness being the ground of existence. Our consciousness reflects upon itself to create the linear mind, hence we get self-reflection. The ability to reflect upon something is in marked contrast to the borderless realm of pure consciousness and it is this ability that spawned linear time. The evolution of consciousness is the movement from the dreamtime—an undefined but cosmically connected dream state—to an awakened structured state that is cosmically disconnected; and then further on towards the awakened creative Kosmic dreamer.

The linear mind, which gives us science, is the tool that refines consciousness. However, mainstream science has been entranced by the mind’s reflection and believes the mind itself to be consciousness. The value and the problem of the modern mind is its ability to rationalize, to reduce, to analyse and to take life apart and see it as its bits and pieces. But the rational mind—to “ration” is to make small—in itself cannot put Humpty together again.

The very newest sciences are pointing in the right direction—specifically systems science, which, although it is often appropriated by materialist agendas, in essence recognizes that the total of a system is more than the sum of the parts and that the greatest energy in a system is produced by the relationship of the parts to each other.

If I use the human species as an example, we can recognize that it is a complex system comprised of 6.6 billion cells, which in itself contains varying scales of membership.

Each scale of membership is a subsystem in the total human species system. Each scale is an incremental stage in the evolution of human consciousness and culture.

We have clan, tribe, warrior-marauder armies, city states, theocratic states and nation states, then we open up to the multinational corporate world. What we are seeing is that each scale is an open system that is developmental, each with an increasing membership of people. Each subsystem, or holon, of our species is a level of society, a level of relationship, with its own level of truth.

These emergent levels correspond with the Enchantments of Life and have unfolded through history, yet also they coexist in the world today and mirror every individual’s growth and development. In other words, this story of human evolution is mirrored by each individual’s development in each lifetime.

Green Neptune Enchantment
Beyond the membership of the current dominant system of the multinational corporate world—which corresponds with mainstream media, economics and science (Orange Uranus Enchantment)—we expand to a potentially greater membership and a larger subsystem, that of idealism of the humanitarian mindset, with its emphasis on egalitarianism, equality, interfaith religion and new spirituality. The higher truth of this particular scale of development is one of emotional intelligence; “Putting people first”. This alternative mindset, although not yet in power, is gaining ground and energy.

Yellow Pluto Enchantment
The next level of development, still in its infancy, is yet more inclusive, as it recognizes all humans—that is all human behaviour and the paradox of our being—as part of itself. The human species will thus come to be “collectively conscious”, presently facilitated by the globally interconnected, new Internet-media-driven system.

This is the edge of “cool culture” that is comfortable with both science and consciousness.

Turquoise Chiron Enchantment
Development does not stop there. The Enchantment perspective resonates with the next level of open system, which sees the planet Earth as a living totality. This means not just Gaia and the natural ecological system, but also its offshoot, the human artefacts of society, technology and the dramatic story of human history. This totality is a congruence of all that is within Earth. Not on Earth, but within Earth. The Earth’s total consciousness is reflected in its energy field. The physical body of Earth generates fields of electromagnetic energy through its relationship with the greater solar system and the cosmic plasmic ocean.

Reversing the perception of the object creating energy around it from within linear time and space, we see that the higher dimensional consciousness of the planet contains humanity within it as a product of itself. The implications for our role as a species are of course immense once we become conscious of this co-creative reality.

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Friday, 24 April 2009

History: It ain’t what it used to be

Let us shake off some of the dust around the subject of the past and look at how exciting the issue of history really is.

History, the past, is the hottest of potatoes.

Our history and our understanding of the past is directly related to our intimate life, our social life and our sense of being in the present. Our history—that’s your history, which includes your understanding of the Earth’s past and humanity’s past, whether you have done much study or not—is a living presence in your life now, shaping your moods, your choices and your interactions. You hold a personal history as well as your own version of the collective history in your subconscious and unconscious.

History is emotional. In fact, our emotions are our history.

There is a direct relationship between your emotional issues and the emotional issues of society. Far more than it is run on technology, logic or practicality, the world is run to a greater extent on emotion, which, with deeper understanding, we can realize is the substrate of the past; the living mythology or mythologies that permeate everything in our lives.

I have been actively exploring the ancient past for decades, not just with masses of reading but through psychic means, past life journeys, shamanic journeys and spontaneous ‘not-of-this-life’ memories.

What I have experienced can be summarized as, “History is a substance”. The past is a substance because time is a substance.

We are not used to thinking about the past as a substance. Einstein recognized time and space as one 4-dimensional substance that was curved. Physicists today are comfortable with thinking about time–space qualities, but generally not so comfortable with the implications of those qualities—the subtext being that somehow time and matter are different and separate from history.

The past is time that flows behind us and time is a ‘thing’. It is not solid like a 3-dimensional brick; time is a 4-dimensional thing and 4-dimensional things appear fluid in the material sense.

History is changing. Change history and you change the potentials of the future. Change your potentials and you change your life experience right now.