Thursday, 9 July 2009

An Overview of my Work

What is my work about?

In case you are wondering what is the summation and the singular message of what I write about here is a brief overview.

The solar system as a holographic reality tells us that the planets are the manifestation of the Suns energy field or aura. The Solar system is the Suns energy field. On a holographic level, the Suns energy field (the solar system with all the planets) has a fractal relationship with the Earths energy field and the human energy field.

As a new planet is discovered it represents a new level of consciousness in the Earths energy field and the human energy field.
The findings of psychology and sociology reveal that new levels of consciousness emerge as we evolve. The timing of the emergence of these levels of consciousness corresponds with the discovery of new planets.

My Astrological research reveals that the discovery of new planets, their orbital position and their orbital nature do indeed correspond to the findings of the academic research on developmental evolution in society and the individual. However the astronomical discoveries and positioning of the planets in the Solar system reveals a story of human evolution that goes beyond the findings of academia.

How can this be so?
Because the conventional academic research is not able to see the subtleties of reality that exist beyond the parameters of psychology, because human nature is not fundamentally psychological but it is based on consciousness. Psychology defines the mechanics within the energy field, it reveals the content as viewed from within but it does reveal the context and fundamental substance of evolution-which is the development of consciousness.

The picture of the Solar system that has been revolutionized since 1992 suggests extraordinary new levels of reality and an extraordinary new story of human evolution.

My work called The Enchantments of Life which is based on the reality of the human energy field and the relationship I have experienced between the individual Human, the Earth and the Sun represents a new paradigm of perception in regards to the nature of our reality. My work integrates the nature of the energy fields, astrology and the more legitimate developmental studies. The progressive academic field of the Integral movement is seeking legitimacy so as to be accepted by conventional theorists.
The integral movement is potentially very important, as it is laying the philosophic ground for the next stage of civilization. The integral studies of reality are largely unnoticed by mainstream academia or alternative new age thinkers. Integral understanding is growing outside of the populist circles because it is the most persuasive and encompassing worldview ever seen by humanity. My work adds to that movement and integrates an innovative understanding of astrology based on the holographic nature of reality. The map shows the relevance of conventional behaviour and thinking whilst accommodating the phasmagoric. The paradoxical viewpoints of all paradigms, be that fringe or consensually acceptable views all interlock and each serve specific purposes in the whole system of Planet Earth.

The best analogy of reality that we have at the moment is the holographic paradigm which changes the focus away from the minutiae of quantum mechanics towards seeing whole systems and recognizing the inherent yet complex intelligence of creation.

Agreements Change Over Time

The summary is that reality is not legitimate; it is wildly creative and constructed upon Earth by collective agreements.

I am continuously learning about how individual purpose fits so perfectly into collective evolution through my clients and their everyday challenges and dreams.
All human perception is valid in the melting pot of global reality, what emerges from that totality of human consciousness is the democratically created kaleidoscopic diversity of reality on Earth.

Therefore my work defines reality to something incredibly profound. Profound because it conforms to the general perspective of evolution as well as recognizing that all manner of bizarre and exotic phenomenon— that people are always reporting—do indeed belong to a more inclusive view of reality. The phenomenon I mean include such mind bending and tricky topics as UFOs, ETs, Atlantis and advanced prehistoric civilizations. All of which are part of an evolving carnival that we call creation.

The evolutionary process is non linear, as in we temporarily put aside or suppress certain consciousness for sake of an overall progress. Atlantis was real and advanced in earth based occult technologies that we can not presently access. The planet and humanity needed to close down that access so that we could create the society we have today. My map reveals why that had to happen and why now we are on the threshold of reopening that door.

I have included several images that are all in the zone so to speak

here is an introductory site to the Enchantments of Life 1.0 which is a free resource for what I humbly suggest is a revolutionary map, a revolution of astrology and a revolution of Developmental psychology and Integral Theory

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