Thursday, 14 January 2010

Restart Button

Expressing my angst ‘publically’ in the last post as a way of release did work, I feel much clearer. The underlying feeling is authentic and still within me, but my mood cleared within the hour. I used to do a lot of private journal writing/drawing in the 1990s in parallel to my spiritual practices as a way of digesting emotions—and also as a great way of learning astrology and the Mayan Calendar. Mostly these days I use yoga and chi gong to clear and refresh myself.

Which brings to my point, the nature of life is speeding up not just on an information processing level but on an intrinsic level of our collective reality. The challenge to keep letting go and hitting the restart button is increasing.

I have had agreement from many clients that yes indeed their feelings and emotions do in fact move from one state to another in any given day at a much faster rate than in years gone by.

I referred myself back to an earlier post that talks about going beyond the surface information and emotion streams as an important aspect of the 2012 effect.

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