Friday, 15 January 2010

Your Master Intention?

The Law of attraction states that whatever you are in resonance with comes into your life. The starting point for the process is your Intention.

What is your master Intention for this life?

The astrology chart reveals your life purpose, your master intention through the Moons Node. Post your birth details here, Time, Place and Date and I will give you a quick 30 second astro mini reading evaluating your basic purpose


  1. K
    Yes wow quite a time for you

    Your master intention is to keep finding the love of and for life on deeper levels, to fall in love all over again. You are here to experience the continuous engagement with people and relationships; after one theatre has finished another will begin—yours is a life of transformation that feeds your communications—thus you find faith and trust in life itself and ever more profound emotional interactions with others, yet more creativity emerges as you once again go to the party. Commitment to start again to get dressed up to re-enter the fray, the show must go on. From June 2010 to March 2011 the deepest emotions surface, you become wildly alive. This period will bring you the opportunity to deepen your connection with others or an other and your true will. You will wake up to your full polarity and the feeling of the soul. You can not control it, or manipulate the situation, but navigate the river and stay conscious without judgment.

    Your Souls intention is to deepen the ability to share, to move from head to heart, to surrender control and really feel without trying to getting it sorted....enjoy the ride

    blessings to you, maybe come and see me later in the year for a consultation?