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The Earth Needs 10 Billion People

I would like to encourage the vision of a highly populated planet Earth, with a human society that is abundant, innovative, technologically advanced and with equality unparalleled in human history.

The nature of manifestation of reality on Earth and throughout the Kosmos is that starts in the passion of the imagination. The power of your imagination has not been encouraged sufficiently, what is true for you as an individual is true for the whole species. The total energy signature of your psyche attracts your manifest experience into your life; the total energy signature of the species does likewise. The power tool of the energy field is the imagination.

Over Population?

Firstly we need to address the negative connotations of a high population that are rife through environmentalism and large institutions. The planet can physically accommodate 10 Billion people and easily grow sufficient food, if we are consciously aligned with it.

The problems we have are not over population—if we need to attribute blame—the problem is bad management, I addressed the ‘culprits’ yesterday. I left out the oil industry to which it is well documented have been suppressing cheap and clean energy alternatives for decades.
So we should perhaps negate any opinions from anyone whose interests are aligned with oil.

In truth we inadvertently agree to that management, however the higher and more useful position to take is that all is well we are just living through a transition. All is well as long as a sufficient number of humans recognize the major elements of that transition.

The Population Increase

If we change our energy source, we rapidly start to change our relationship with and the state of our environment and our economic system. Energy is a fundamental of that which we consume and therefore trade.
The exponential growth of human population—1 Billion in 1805 approx—3 Billion in 1960 approx—6.8 Billion in 2010—10 Billion circa 2050, is systemic to an evolutionary change on a planetary level tells us that there is something very energetic occurring on our little timeship of a planet.

An affluent society needs free flowing energy which creates all of the resources needed for a growing civilization. The way forward is forward, towards an integration of the mystical and shamanic understandings of nature and reality with the advances of a technological civilization.

A Luddite solution is not a solution and the present social systems and the beliefs that underpin them have run their course, served their purpose. The need for a radical change is evident, the seeds and sprouts of that change are present.

The environment—the planet—does not require poverty quite the opposite, but a shift of consciousness onto a new level of relationship with the abundant energy of creation. A conscious systemic creative paradigm, will replace the semi-conscious strategic competitive paradigm. A creative paradigm is abundant, that means overflowing, more than enough for everyone.

A competitive paradigm eventually hits a wall of limitation, of poverty a sense that there are not enough resources to go around, we have hit that wall. The hoarding of money (energy) and the inequity of our society is a reflection of the relative poverty mentality of our system. The belief that there is a need to reduce human population is also product of the present mindset that still holds power and is proof in itself that the present dominant system and social paradigm is not up to the job. The think tanks and intellectuals that advice many of the world leaders and economic powers express this opinion that we are over populated.

Conduits and Co-creators

A creative mind is an open mind; a systemic creative paradigm allows energy to flow. Opportunity increases as does the quality of life for all within the complex system of humanity.
When I talk of equality I do not mean the poverty of communism, I do not mean a flat society of bland herds with mechanical functions, I mean a highly spiced and flavorsome society comprised of creative individuals that are interconnected to the world around them, whose self interest produces the heart felt function that the human system naturally and organically requires—the intelligence of the self organizing species.

The promise of nano-technology for example can then be realized, buildings and materials are grown from an atomic scale up—this is creation of matter directly from energy.

The Prerequisite for Advanced Supra Natural Technology

In the near future we will be more aligned with the natural energy that surrounds us, which is in truth our real environment, an environment of subtle electro magnetism, plasmas and consciousness—then the technology we have will be a product of supra nature.

The emerging reconnection with the Earth as a living being is a new connection as the Earth has changed for all time due to human evolution; this can not be reversed and is not an accident.
Human beings are divinely pre-programmed with inquisitiveness. As an evolving creature it was unavoidable that Homo Sapien Sapiens would discover such things as the codes of life—DNA, develop something like a neural network—the internet and learn to be creator gods—Nanotechnology.
There is a higher view of Nature, the complex systemic intelligence of—and the holism—of humans and the natural world, now awakening within the human psyche.

Your Life Feeds the World

I often walk around Hong Kong looking at the crowds of people and contemplating the fact that each one of those individuals is a rich living theatre. Having listened to hundreds of life stories in my role as consultant I am forever refreshed by the originality and fecundity of An individual life.
Think of all your own life experiences and changes… what an incredible story each person is. Imagine 10 billion living stories. Each individual is living within the energy field of the planetary environment and is feeding it with his and her experience and feelings.

The Fractal Relationship between One Person and One Planet

It was Peter Russell who proposed that the Earth wakes up to itself, a phase transition, when it reaches 10 Billion people as that is the number of neurons within the human brain.
I have since read that there are in fact 100 billion cells in a brain, however the fractal resonance for me is intuitively correct and aligned with my own shamanic downloads during the 1990s of the Earth waking up to itself aligned with the artifacts of humanity and the totality of humanities presence.
The self reflective sheath of consciousness or activated global psi-bank will be a manifestation of Earth created by 10 Billion living emotive information processors which in turn allows the Earth to see all that it has become.

Utilize Your Imagination

This article is unapologetically futuristic because this future is rapidly approaching, with the promise of the convergence of all technology—Ray Kurzweil’s singularity—and a global population of 10 Billion—around 2050, that is 40 years away….think about that only 40 years away.
Any future society will always have the challenges of existence. The challenges and problems change.

What I speak of is not idealism but the necessity of our epoch. I cover all of this in The Enchantments of Life and am available to make presentations to your group.

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