Thursday, 21 January 2010


During the transit of Pluto in Capricorn—up to 2024—the whole global social system is to be transformed.
One of the important realizations that have to be made during this era is just how much Corporatizations suck.

As an integralist and developmentalist I appreciate the role of business in cultural development, I totally understand the arguments of Ken Wilber regarding the backlash against the system.
Although the 20th Century economic push has given us many benefits, since the 1950s the benefits have been diminishing to the point where we are now, where it safe to say the corporate meme and its insidious monetization of reality has become a pile of horseshit.

The public relations industry has become anathema, the central banks are siphoning off the resources to an unacceptable degree, Pharmaceutical Companies with their placebo products and desire to own genes, seeds, water and probably air are dangerous, the industrial military complex is the enemy of humanity, the media, politics, scientific and educational institutions are in servitude through ignorance and fear to the whole shebang.

I know there are many people who work within the structure who are agents for humanizing it and who have to speak the corporate lingo, so no offense to those benevolent agents.

However let us repeat it here; the corporate agenda is really fucked up.

Although the post modern mind, the hippy, the middle class intellectual, the baby boomer generation has been attacking the system that has allowed them the luxury of enough material comfort to do so in the first place, the necessity now is to halt the agenda of enslavement that has emerged and be clear that the system is truly not working, is wrong in fact.

A Sign of the Time

The new James Cameroon’s awesome film Avatar stands above all other films as an immersive cinema experience. The films portrayal of a spiritual shamanic planet—that many including myself found so emotionally beautifully moving that it is planting the seeds within the popular psyche to yearn for that connection to the Devic intelligence and the heart of our planet. The film clearly picks sides and demonizes the military industrial complex of the USA—rightly so.

On the ferry the other day I was sitting in front of this very charismatic intelligent young guy who had enthusiasm, vitality and extraordinary inquisitiveness about the world. His potency and freshness were so alluring.
He has come to Hong Kong to do business and wants to go to law school—he said he loves lawyers—what a waste of talented youth and energy. No offense meant to blood sucking lawyers you understand but…Hey dude get with the program!

Disclaimer Some of my friends and clients are in fact lawyers and bankers and journalists and PR people, Honk Kong is over run with public relations….I do not think they are blood sucking but let us not be shy and let us now accurately describe the corporate entity and it meme. Breathing in slowly and deeply, I centre myself in all sobriety, so as to be able to fairly and in a balanced way make a reasonable and adult pronouncement concerning the effects of corporatization

The corporatization meme well and truly SUCKS, the term suck was totally invented to describe corporatization, it’s the zenith of its career as a social cliché, as a word when placed after Corporatization it has arrived…
Lets us applaud the sucking sound of suck after it has placed itself on its throne at the right hand side of Corporations


  1. Hating on Lawyers is just an accident of proximity... they only show up when everything else is in the toilet.

    But really they are programmers of the code that we all have to live in.

  2. I do not actually hate lawyers, however the extortionate fees of the legal system are outragous and mean that the law is not something that works for all people. The system should be for all people. I personally know several people whos lives have been ruined or severely handicapped through having to go through the legal system and having to pay amounts of money that equate to more than a years income to deal with a relatively insignificant issue.

    We need new codes