Saturday, 23 January 2010

There's a Tiger Coming!

In Hong Kong at this time there is this sense of waiting for Chinese New Year—which is allied to the lunar cycle; it is always the second New Moon, after the solstice. The next Chinese year is the year of the Tiger—a metal tiger to be precise, now doesn’t that conjurer up an image?

I always look to cross reference between different mapping systems of reality as they each express a different layer of the tapestry of the energy. So I have been interested to see where the Tiger is most obviously seen in western astrology.

The general energy of the moment is somewhat turgid; this can be astrologically accounted for by Saturn squaring Pluto, meaning they are in a 90 degree relationship to each other. The general atmosphere is one of control and inhibition, blockages caused by shadow elements of society and within oneself.

The Tiger that is coming though can be seen astrologically with expansive Jupiter in conjunction with inspired Uranus in the head strong pioneering sign of Aries. Whilst Uranus is taking on practical Saturn with an opposition and more radically preparing to take on heavy change agent Pluto in Capricorn particularly during 2012-2015, but the Tiger will roar this year.

Basically we can see a contrast between the sludge of now with the Saturn square Pluto compared with the impatient restless, active, freedom loving, unreasonable radical that is Jupiter and Uranus in Aries. (Back and forth in Pisces as well)

Before we get to the Tiger and Jupiter’s conjunction with Uranus, let us look at an example of recent conjunction and the nature of cycles

The Jupiter and Neptune cycle-Social Networking Media

As each planet joins with another at the same point in the zodiac (conjunction) a cycle is seeded. Jupiter and Neptune had their conjunction from May until December last year. Jupiter and Neptune have a 13-14 year relationship with each other, meaning the next time Jupiter has caught up with Neptune will be in 2022. What has made this particular starting point of the cycle interesting is the fact that Chiron has joined Jupiter and Neptune to form a triple conjunction in Aquarius. As in all cycles the theme that is seeded is then expanded and refined gradually throughout the whole cycle. Undoubtedly the new energy brought in is the increased involvement and efficacy of on line social networks such as Face book and Twitter.
Facebook for example has exploded, it might not last, but the online global village phenomenon has arrived, with a new sense of expanded community intimacy, almost an impersonal intimacy as we pick it up and drop it at will.

The Aquarian group consciousness of the global online community that is chaotically interconnected within itself is yet somewhat disconnected from the ‘real world’. The stimulating randomness of Facebook wonderfully expresses a wide spectrum of the human psyche from the banal to the profound, from the innovative to the entertaining.

The gap between the online reality and the ‘real world’ is apparent, yet of course both are affecting each other. Facebook especially is something of an anarchic meme generator with its spontaneous eruptions that undermine the centralized authorities of the ‘real world’

The present Saturn and Pluto cycle which is at the three quarter mark was seeded in 1982 and brought in the monetarist policies (thank you David Mullins) and a materialistic conservatism that underpins the Corporatization of the ‘real world’ As you may know I had an emotional rant about it here on MCC a few days ago. I stand by what I expressed because before we can move on with this enormous issue of the corporatization of the world and refine the issue, we need an honest emotional reaction to its obvious flaws.

Anyways, the blandness of the monetized society is to be shaken up somewhat firstly with the seeding of Jupiter and Uranus in June 2010 which unfolds until 2024. The previous cycle has beenn running from 1997 until this next start point in June, it was seeded in Aquarius so again we see how the innovative energy it brought in was allied in general terms to the internet boom and the excitement of 1997 with technology and its promise of freedom. You can see how cycles proceed when you observe that the dot com bubble burst in 1999ish then the millennium bug fears, there on after though the internet has continued to grow. Also during 1998 more mobile phones were sold globally than computers and cars together. Which makes me wonder if the Jupiter/Uranus in June will supercharge ‘Reality Activist’ Daniel in his engineering of fabulous iphone apps…?

The Metal Tiger
The Metal in the Tiger makes it colder and sharper and as ever courageously ready to battle. Hopefully it will not be as drastic as this scary geezer above.
Tigers like all cats are cool in demeanor but unpredictable, they suddenly like to play and they can play rough, but also loving. The tiger is audacious and seizes opportunities; they can be very relaxed then suddenly spring up and pounce. The general outlook for Tiger years is that they are a fairly wild ride.

The Jupiter and Uranus in Aries conjunction in June with its aspects to Saturn and Pluto is dangerous internationally, very unstable economically and will give rise to new leaders or innovators and innovations. Sudden and fast, not dull and stodgy, this Metal Tiger seeding year will see some exciting impulsive and abrupt individuals seize the day.

However please if you are a Tiger, tell me about the more cuddly aspects of Tiger, apparently they are family orientated I hear, is that right...?

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