Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The Divine Comedy

When you first realize that ‘what you focus you become’ is true, then you tend to become a hyper-positive person. The meme of positivity can then become a kind of fascism, where the shadow is denied; more than that you can negate the richness and variety of life.

The soul enjoys the paradox of existence within the unity, but the mind wants to lock onto a solution to life and of course life is not to be really solved—that is the antipathy of life, which is really about being in the flow of experience.

I know from my walk on the long good road that there are times periodically when the shadow elements and the negative aspects of oneself, others and the world in general have by necessity to become your focus. My recent foray into the conspiratorial truths of this world and the underlying trickster nature of the dark spirits was not a pleasant time, but an enriching one nonetheless. The subject matter that I explored was quite a turn off for many people; I felt my own energy to be dimmed.

As we move through developmental levels the capacity to face more darkness increases as we shift to the next level of perception. The journey is one of increasing complexity—complexity is not confusion, but an increased sophistication in the unity we perceive.

As consciousness increases life is experienced more like an art form than a school. The spiritual analogy of our journey here as a school is true to some degree, but this is a more simplistic level of consciousness. The truth is that our baggage, our issues, are never completely cleared because they are part of the colour of our character. The concept of healing, as it is commonly perceived, is slightly flawed in my perception for it tends to idealize human nature. Not that we cannot heal to some degree, but mostly we expand ourselves beyond the issues of our earlier life whilst still expressing them in part. In many ways we tend to get more stuff, more baggage as we grow, rather than less. Most if not all of the fairly enlightened teachers I have come across tend to have these wild and crazy elements of personality with power trips and blind spots.

In itself that does negate their ability to expand other people’s consciousness.

The value in understanding that whatever we are focusing upon is creating more of the same is that we start to see the way manifest reality is being filtered through us.

In the final analysis, we are here to be responsible for our energy. The totality of our emissions and transmissions do indeed attract and create the reality we experience.

We are not to blame for life’s inequities, but if we are to be conscious beings we are to take the position that we are creator gods. This position is the luxury and the burden of those who dare to wake up, the luxury to be born with time to explore the inner worlds and spiritual realities.

How can we handle the responsibility?

Only through understanding that life is a divine comedy.

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