Sunday, 31 January 2010

Influence and Affluence

Fluere, to flow; Affluere "to flow to", Influere "flow in"

I am in the flow at the moment, moving onto a new level or into a new lifescape, something fairly significant is dawning on my horizon.

My journey last year involved getting more immersed in the internet, like many people I am utilizing facebook in new ways as well as twitter, blogging here and on my Mayan Calendar blog and podcasting with Daniel Clarke at Reality

Towards the end of last year I also plunged back into the realm of conspiracy, after dabbling with it in the 1990s and then doing serious research from September 2001.

In 2002-2003 I embarked on an intense journey with psychotropics, large doses of psilocybin mushrooms some ayahuasca ceremonies, LSD, salvia salvia divinorum, various chemical compounds akin to peyote, MDMA, DMT and various mixtures of them all.
The world expanded, as did my ego, but the doors of perception to another realm did open up. The after effects were not pleasant as my life fell apart, but I 'had' to do it as part of my journey. It enabled me to contextualize the drama and illusion of power.

Likewise the recent epoch of conspiracy research, a compressed three month chapter of full time immersion, led to a dimming of my world. I wrote maybe thirty documents as part of my own processing. My back ‘went out’, my practices of yoga, chi gong, prayer and meditation diminished and the world turned sinister for a while with negative effects in all areas of life. My purpose and role is not really about conspiracy per se. The good news is that the majority of people do not have to plunge deeply into this darkness, that is not their role or path, but a general over view of the shadow issues in this era is increasingly becoming more pertinent for more people.

Personally the research has felt like an empowering preoccupation, now that I have emerged from it. At present I feel fairly integrated in my worldview. My feeling is positive and abundant, which to me suggests abundance in all areas of my life. At the same time I still feel connected to the shadow elements that I was immersed in, only now it feels to be well and truly within a larger consciousness framework of the benevolent nature of life.

My activities on the web, feel valid, not because I have an enormous captivated audience far from it, the last 30 days saw 160 different people coming here averaging two page views per visit and about 400 visits in total

Rupert Murdoch’s Empire Quakes as the Mystic Cyber Crow Audience Figures are Released!

ha ha…however I can feel the energetic influence I am having on the reality matrix.
As I am in the flow, the energy transmission of my writings feels like they are tangibly feeding the collective consciousness. Now to be clear I am not suggesting I have an inordinate amount of power, only that I am operating at an appropriate level and contributing my essential gift effectively through the coherence that has emerged in 2010—which is all any of us can do and need to do, to enjoy life and be in its abundant flow, attracting opportunities and yes that includes money.

With this in my mind, I would like to summarize my perspective of the global conspiracy(s) in the next blog….

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