Sunday, 24 January 2010

Your Naughty Divinity

The source for sexual desire is the life force, the Kundalini energy, the twin serpentine spiraling writhing power within the subtle bodies. This life force energy underpins the morning boner, the need to wear a tight..short..little..skirt and a flimsy… revealing… clinging… provocative… T-shirt…., also the need to bring children into the world and the desire to get chastized by a buxom woman with a strict attitude wearing controlled garments. Sex is power sharing, I mean who do you think holds power in the suggestive picture above?

The life force is Eros and Thanatos, the passion for life, it is also the impulse for death and the net resultant synthesis of those polarities, an energy we call the evolutionary impulse—the desire to grow and change.

For change is both death to some degree and the regenerative desire to live again. The orgasm is the little death as we surrender our energy in at the moment to who ever we are fused with, both giving of our self and receiving their energy, hence the power of mutual orgasm and the fertile creativity of any thoughts, emotions and imaginings at that crashing crescendo of release. Obviously if we cum with a very mild whimper and distracted psyche then we do not enjoy the regenerative vitality of the fully connected enraptured body.

The life force in our body is not separate from the energy that drives the whole of human society—that is why our sexuality is scripted and beyond our absolute control. We are products of evolution and so our sexuality contains the story of all sex on Earth, we each emphasize different aspects and express a unique combination from the collective history of love, passion and erotic longing.

Gods and Goddesses

Venus is the gentle and rolling surges of the waves on the shore, Mars is the force to do it right now, Neptune is the ocean of diffusion that opens the heart and Pluto is the power behind our voracious compulsive appetites.

The Kundalini force is a flowing, bubbling, gurgling spring from the centre of the Earths Energy field. Your unconscious is a deep dark well going down into the Earth and the flowering funnel to the cosmos above. To protect us and to allow for the multiple realms of all existence, be that in the Universe or in the human psyche there are levels, each level has its own relative autonomy as a reality. As we go through major life changes with the accompanying psychological transformations, we are releasing the energetic attachment to that level and blasting open the doors, the ceiling and the roof of the stage of existence we used to call real. As a crude analogy, we could say that the floor is our past, the roof is our future. As we evolve the past and the future change in the present. Change is driven by the surging needs of the life force.

The Vedic truth as Michael Cremo so eloquently explains in Devolution is that demi-gods and demi-goddesses in the subtle levels of the manifest Kosmos reproduce forms for life and living bodies. We are the products of divine sexual unions; sexuality is the direct door to the power of life on every level.

That is why Sex is so very naughty

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