Thursday, 14 January 2010

Just Like Me, You are So Attractive

Looking at my own birth chart at this moment is yet another humbling reminder that there are limits to ones free will, not total limits, but limits none the less. So I am once again writing a piece to prime myself to make the best of the difficult situation I have drawn towards me and am destined to deal with at this time. This is piece is a teaching from me to me, but hopefully it might help you too, if it does than that will feedback to me.

Which makes me think I should now erase that gurning picture from your mind and delete the post modern irony with a picture of beauty

does that work?

or maybe this?

The Context is bigger than us and we do live in the world of distraction...

You can not fight the energy the cosmos is feeding you. At any point in time you are a conduit for subtle Solar and cosmic plasma flows that are emphasized in accord to your astrological birth chart, which maps your energy and consciousness template. The background cosmic energy is universal but your template emphasizes different aspects of the unified energy as compared to other people.

Magical Reality

I am an advocate of the law of attraction which on the surface would seem to contradict the laws of Karma and ones fate.

As I say that is on the surface and the way that the law of attraction is most obviously presented—or perhaps understood by the recipients of the laws—is also somewhat superficial.

Law of Attraction

Whatever you focus upon grows, your intentions steer your sub consciousness and sculpts your attention, your attention feeds the energy of whatever it is you are locked into which in turn feeds back into your external reality reinforcing your focus and that which is drawn towards you.
Your response to the events, circumstances and people who are attracted to you in each moment then of course sets off another pathway of attention.
Your whole energy field has a signature frequency and that frequency attracts more of the same. The enormous challenge in trying to create our reality consciously by force of will is that we are unconscious of many of our frequencies being emitted by the different levels of our psyche—and we do have multiple levels of need and expression as I map in the Enchantments of Life. Our whole field expresses a complete energy signature but that signature is too complex in its make up to be seen quickly or easily by the conscious mind.

Firstly we have to understand we have already created a framework for our life in our previous lives through intention, actions and energy. The astrology chart based on your moment of birth, maps the template of energy, the context of your essential characteristics, destiny, purpose and the timing of change and opportunity.

Your intentions and choices before this life led to you ‘choosing’ your parents, who in turn create some of your most basic conditioning, that conditioning also is found within the parameters of the astrology chart.

So, we do have a certain amount of fate, but each energy we are destined to deal with has a wide range of potentials that fit the expression.

What is not in the astrology chart is the level of consciousness of the entity that it is drawn up for, for example at any particular point in time and even in the same locale more than one person, a multitude of animals, a host of materials goods, various forms of entertainment—are brought into existence and share the same birth chart.

The astrology chart maps the 4-dimensional energy fields of archetypal consciousness which we assign to the planets or the gods. These archetype fields can be expressed in a wide variety of expression whilst still being expressions of the one coherent energy. Venus can be sensuality, appreciation, fine clothing, your velvet curtains, a young girl, cosmetics, envy, romance, relating, friendships, art, diplomacy, harmony, attraction or Gucci shoes (do they make shoes?). The range is narrowed down and coloured depending upon the zodiac sign Venus is in and the angular relationship it has with other planets.

Now I know this sounds extraordinarily complicated that is because it is extraordinarily complicated, creation of reality is never in our total control.

However, that said we are given the most valuable co-creative tools of imagination and will, tools that are to be used. We are here to be co-creative, we are here to be conduits for the benevolence and abundance of LIFE. We also have to have the humility to know that we are here to surrender where appropriate and see what is present. The most basic truth of the Law of Attraction is not push things away through desperately wanting them all the time, we need to get into the space of harmony with that which we desire, by imagining and feeling that it is in our life right now.
Imagining what it would be like as if it were true right NOW to have that which we desire and enjoying that feeling unconditionally puts us in resonance.
Also we need to take responsive conscious action. Responsive conscious action is generally a little courageous because it is not always hard work, it often means not following the crowd and being strong enough not to be bombarded by others disbelief.

The fundamental of the fundamental though is being in gratitude to life itself which for most of us means a spiritual and physical practice, If you can clear your mind and energy, open up the body, vitalize your body, clear some of the toxicities of our chemical pleasures (food and alcohol for example) clear some of the toxicities of our drama addictions (films and media for example) then invariably you will find yourself in the state of natural-don’t-have-to-try-gratitude.

So then we also need a vision, something that we can believe in, this is tricky we always want far too much than would be good for us, well I say that then realize it’s not true some people do not want enough I guess?

Anyway we need a vision that is in harmony with who we are, yet is something that stretches us, something that fills us with joy. The vision then has to be fueled with energy and detached from, let go of.

In harmony with WHO we are, hmmm we all are here to experience things that might not be the ideal,

It is not easy that’s for sure, but the law of attraction is simply the law of resonance.

Patience with the energy in our life is the most difficult thing, we have drawn circumstances to us from our creativity in this life and previous lives, plus we are swimming in the cosmic plasma currents and now we seek to grow in someway, this takes patience… the persistence to keep on believing in ourselves and our intention to be conduits for benevolent abundance. Benevolent abundance is that which is good for me, good for you and mostly good for the majority and the planet.

Life will never give up its mystery, thank the lord, so when working with the principles of the law of attraction
You don't have to become a control freak and want everything perfect in Neo-lifestyle magazinesque harmony, you do not have to be a WINNER

do not fall into the trap of wanting only the nicey nicey no hold it lightly because the weird,

wonderful and unexpected nourishes us too remember, often the law of attraction is presented like this;

and that gets up many peoples noses

whatever, live it big....Magic is as true as science


  1. Genius!
    Superbly written.
    Encapsulates the essence of your many courses and our many conversations.
    I am most GRATEFUL for your insights.
    They make much sense to me.

  2. Thanks Laurence - this is great! Just what I needed to read while sipping on my morning cup of tea!

    And the magic continues....