Saturday, 30 January 2010

Mystic Golf

Let us continue talking about fusions, finding intersections and innovations

How about finding the intersection between The Tao and Golf.

The Tao
The Tao the mystery and the flow of life’s energy and its consciousness that springs from the ineffable source…the path, its ebb and flows, its tides, the river that can not named and yet permeates all things.

Golf the sport that entails whacking a little white ball and chasing it around an artificial garden.

Golf is a good walk spoiled
Mark Twain, 1835-1910

"The people who gave us golf and called it a game are the same people who gave us bag pipes and called it music."
"Silk Stockings" TV Show

"One of the reasons Arnie Palmer is playing so well is that, before each final round, his wife takes out his balls and kisses them. Oh my God, what have I just said."
US Open TV Commentator

So bring them together...Eh?

I know what you mean, but that is exactly what my good friend Jayne Story has done.
I have known Jayne since 1994 and have shared many a mind mesh with her on consciousness, writing and paradigm busting astrology.

Yes, Jayne brings the wisdom of Tai Chi into the sport that takes place in the heart of chemically pickled lawns, couture nature and virtual landscapes. I know what I am talking about here, my first job after leaving school was as a golf green keeper.
One of the big challenges is keeping the brambles at bay—to this end we had a stash of agent orange hidden the middle of the golf course in a secret shed (I kid you not).I used to love running on the golf course (gets you in trouble though).

There had been a spate of golf mysticism books and even films a few years back such as The Legend of Bagger Vance.

Jayne has carved out a unique niche for herself in Europe by finding the intersection between Golf and Tai Chi. Jayne teaches golfers to focus their energy on their centre of gravity, move into the flow of energy and ride the Tao, get into the zone and be the game.

In recent years athletes have also turned more and more to changing their consciousness to be conduits for the flowing life force energy that moves you, once you are in the zone of total focus you then literally become a vehicle for the universal force. A state akin to Meditation with a clear visualization of the performance result has almost become a necessity in the top levels of athletics.

Once upon a time, not so long ago this would have been laughed at, the times are a changing….

see Jayne here for Golf and here for Tai Chi

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  1. from Jayne via email

    One of the best books on the mystic side of golf is "Golf in the Kingdom" by Michael Murphy, founder of the Esalen Centre in California. He writes about the power of intention and finding your "inner swing"