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Refresh Your Life in 2010

Get a Different View of the World and Change Time

Well a new year begins....a new year?

The calendar we use is predominately a 12 : 60 (5 times 12) frequency it measures time in 12 months, hours 60 minutes and 60 second The way in which we measure time conditions our consciousness and our experience of time-space. Because is such a given thing, such a background fact we do not notice that our labelling of time creates the context for our experience.
We used to live by the 13 frequency of the moon which was useful to a nature based tribal shamanic society.
The 12:60 calendar has been useful for the industrial revolution, but now this time is running out. 2012 heralds the emergence of a new relationship with time space. We are now learning to live a wide spectrum life, a multi dimensional life if you will, so it useful to be able to live by multiple frequencies of time.

Play and Creativity

I know how abstract what I am going to talk about will sound, until you actually start to follow another calendar then it is so obvious. The 260 day calendar can be tuned into simultaneously as you live within the linear society. Hang on I am getting ahead of myself, yes a 260 day calendar which is one of many measurements of time that the Mayans used in the peak of their civilization. The 260 days are comprised of 13 numbers and 20 characters, each day has a number and a 20 times 13 equals 260, meaning after 260 days each character and each number have been paired.

The 260 day Tzolkin has a fractal relationship with the 26,000 year galactic cycle of the precession of the equinoxes (Mayan Tun/360 day year) this means that the 260 day cycle has a harmonic resonance with the much larger cycle that represents Earths relationship with the Galaxy. It is this cyclical relationship with the Galaxy that the winter Solstice 2012 is heralding.

Following the 260 day calendar brings you into harmony with a specific frequency of consciousness and reality—it is the potentiality of each moment.
The 260 day resonant pulse is the significator of that which is coming into form—it is the descending consciousness, the energy that is moving towards manifestation that is inherently within each moment and within all manifest forms and life forms. From a higher perspective this potentiality is not just within form but encompasses form for it is a higher dimensional field.

As most of you know the density we experience is in effect a partial view. The field of potentiality being the source of the holographic reality we experience as matter. This field is the flowing pulsing energy within form that allows each person to extract their uniquely flavoured experience from each moment. The 260 day calendar is a tool of attunement that allows you to draw more creatively from the ever changing nature of all reality. Within every day there is a kaleidoscope of meanings and levels, the 260 day level of reality is one that opens us to experience a creative and playful meaning for life.

The 260 day consciousness is a reflection of the involution of the soul into the body, the Galactic current being stepped down into the Solar field being stepped down into Planet through this frequency.
The most important point about following the calendar is that it is a tool that can expand your sense of creativity with the world around you and within you. The Tzolkin is very user friendly and can accommodate your intuitive relationship with the cycles and rhythms of your life. If you keep a journal and you like to be artistic with that journal then the Tzolkin is the ideal tool to add to your diary.

The Ourobus of Time

The 20 characters or glyphs are shamanic based, so they plug you into the archaic Earth yet also the calendar is resonant with futurism, it is a techno-shamanic tool that if adopted alongside other calendars would enable society to live with a connection to a greater abundant reality. The Earth in truth is a timeship that travels in the Solar System and in turn travels in the Galaxy. In the near future it it will be wholly practical and in fact essential that we have a connection to a larger reality, and larger truth of the abundant energy, creativity, wonder and awe that is ubiquitous in existence.

The average human gestation is 266 days from conception until birth, the 260 day calendar is in resonance with this molding of soul into body.

The 260 day frequency is the inherent gestation and it embodies the immanent memory of creation. When we are in the womb our consciousness is on a journey of expectancy into this life, we are swimming in the universal dream plasma and we are absorbing the species and planetary story whilst being dreamed into existence by all that has gone before. Simultaneously we are being shaped by our parents hopes, wishes and emotional state within the collective field of aspirations.

The 20 characters of the Mayan 260 day sacred calendar are the flavours and colours of potentiality and the 13 numbers are the spiral pulse.

Linear time is a straight line; to be aware of this is to recognize evolution in the way that it is normally thought of. Linear time is dependent on linear mind and is a limited but useful stage of awareness. We are now awakening to multidimensional reality which comes with an ability to play in multiple time frames.

Einstein opened the door for the understanding of Time and Space as one substance that is it is a curved substance not a straight line, time-space is bending back on itself, although science does not recognize the whole picture which is spherical.

Early tribal shamans, young children and the Dreamtime dwellers experience the cyclical nature of time, the sphere or ourobus of time which is time-space. However the early dreamers had not yet awoken an awareness of linear time. We are on the threshold of being able to navigate more than one stream of time.

The modern mystic recognizes that evolution, involution, cyclical time and linear time are all partial views.

If we represent time-space as a circle then it is easy to see how linear time is just a very small view, a flatlanders view. The line is not exactly straight but has a slight curve. We live on a sphere and we live in a sphere the universe is not a flatland in the same way that the Earth is not flat.

Involution is the energy that radiates out from the centre of the sphere towards the outer edge. Involution is the descending consciousness that into form coming from beyond time-space.

The 260 day calendar measures radial time (as noted by Jose). Radial time is the dynamic flow of impermanence and reconnects us to the soul. The soul is the bridge between the personality and the monad or divine spark. The Soul is the droplet from the Ocean, both capable of feeling at one in the Ocean and yet separate from it as a single droplet.

As our view becomes clearer the ourobus of time-space and the ‘circle’ it forms can be seen as toroid. From the energy field perspective all of reality is composed of toroids.

Within the toroid you find spirals. Life unfolds through spirals. This is the external signature of the energy field toroid.

The 13 numbers of the sacred calendar are the spiralling wave, 13 is one of the Fibonacci numbers. Life grows and unfolds through spiral movement. Energy and form moves in spirals because of the 'straight line' of forward momentum in the context of cyclical reality, here is an illustration of what I mean, here is the Solar System moving through space.

The 20 character are an expression of form, form contains the platonic solids the Icosahedron is the 20 faceted form. Russian scientists took photos from space in the 1970s using infra red cameras and saw that the Earth is alternatively pulsing from an icosahedron to a dodecahedron (12 sided form) and back again.

When we see reality from the energy field perspective we see that the body is in the Soul and we live in the Earth not on it. All of existence is made of holons of energy and consciousness. A holon is whole unto itself yet part of something bigger, a bigger whole. For example the atom, the cell, the organ, the body, the family, the culture, the planet are all holons complete unto themselves yet part of a bigger system.

At the heart of every atom and every holon of every existence—that is every unified field be it a nation, a religion, a paradigm of thought, a human cell, a human body—is a black hole and white hole of destruction and creation as all form is forever changing in each moment. Each centre is a portal to a change of state or reality.

Every holon is a toroidal form, the inside turns into the outside and the outer turns into the inner.

Hyperbolic Geometry the horizontal relationship between different holonic toroids, will need to define this at a later post, needless to say it’s a head trip.

Come and follow the 260 day calendar with me on my blog here and get with the 2012 program, surf the waves, the spiralling eddies and dance to a new rhythm.

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