Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Ken Wilber

Do you know his work well, are you a follower?

Love him, squeeze him and get over him, well just a little bit anyway.

The most famous of philosophers, Ken is a pandit and a gun slinging bandit, a transcendental meditating master, an integrator of psychology with sociology and eastern mysticism, a cool muscley dude with an appetite for hot cars, hot young women, uber technology and with more than a hint of authoritarianism, an apologist for Iraq and George Bush and an ego maniac to boot…yes indeed a colourful character that has enhanced the world and I have to say really inspired me.

I have read virtually all of his books and there was quite a learning curve in the beginning and he has my respect, he opened new doors for me and yet his limits are apparent and these limitations are important to realize if the Integral movement is to be representative of the emergent awakening of Earth.

A call to the integral movement

…do not get hung up on joining an integral conservative mind herd, reality is just not that straight

Integrate your integral theory with the all American heroes of —Terence Mckenna, Dr John Mack, Bill Hicks to name but a few and then there is Lloyd Pye and Michael Cremo and the like that show that history and evolution is not as fixed as Ken might suppose and do you know of the Disclosure Project AND Dr Steven Greer and his mind bending journey with ETs, are you open to the idea that the shadow of the world that we need to shine a light on is not so much mean green memers but conspiring orange meme, knowledge filtering orange meme, avoiders of inconvenient data orange—and then consider the rest of the world

As an integral theorist or student you might think astrology belongs to the dark ages, a green memers indulgence, a fantasists comfort zone, a pseudo science and intellectual swamp zone

Well I ask you to think again…

For I have found after decades or research that the discovery of planets mirrors the developmental levels and spectrum of consciousness and that the integral intellect that I have seen on the internet is largely too vertical, just a bit too narrow and transcendental to see the immanence of the emerging reality.

If I have tweaked your interest and you are open to it please subscribe… this blog is a primer for my integral map which will I will elaborate upon here and a main website to come over the next year or so.

for those who do not know Ken check out his cool website

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