Monday, 1 February 2010

Conspiracy is Real—but Light is Creation

The Love of Life is the key

A summary of my perspective on power agendas and the hidden dynamics, for your consideration… how it seems to be, to me,


The subject of conspiracy is a real turn off for the majority of people, understandably.
The Integral and developmental schools of thought invariably dismiss conspiracy as merely a projection of the disenfranchised, there is validity in that perspective.
However the big picture of social dynamics is more complex and I have to say far more fascinating than that simplistic dismissal. Although the forces of cosmic consciousness evolution and the free market of human species choice are the dominant factors in how our reality is created, the strategic networks of those who seek total power is a very real and pertinent force for the next 10-15 years. (Pluto in Capricorn)

Structural Change

Looking at the astrology charts of all the large scale global structures—United Nations, World Health Organization, World Trade Organization, the EEC, USA, the American Dollar, UK, Australia, Canada and more—it is clear they are to undergo major identity transformations. Transformations at these levels of governance mean power struggles.

World Debt is a major issue for the next 10 years.
It is no longer just third world debt that is an issue but debt itself.

Debt is reaching epic proportions throughout the world, a large majority of nations based on present projections are heading towards the point within 10 years where the ratio of debt to product is so high that they will not able to keep up their payments. Famously Iceland and California recently went bankrupt, Hungary, Nepal and Belize to name but a few are close to it now.

The nation state is essentially owned to an unacceptable degree by central banks. The majority of nation states are facades in essence. A global governance and economic system has to emerge and this is where a battle is being fought.

I ultimately think that globalization is a good thing, but somehow the power and values system has to shift dramatically if the world is not to turn into a completely Orwellian Corporatized socialist society. If it must, I believe it will, but a deeper look at the dynamics is in order.

Read All About It

The media do not explore the real issues of politics and economics they water it down and are steered away from potent causes and steered towards a focus on lesser distractions
A large percentage of news stories are public relation spins for corporations. Investigative journalism in the real sense really only takes place through freelance individuals.


The winner takes all ‘capitalism’ (as you said David Mullins) leads to an impoverished society and the flow of abundance is blocked—through what is essentially a poverty mentality that sees a world of severely limited resources and energy.

The Pluto in Capricorn era carries the theme of releasing the dams in the river—that are blocking creative energies—for a new more universally abundant social system.

Hidden in Plain Sight

The agenda of an ‘elite’ strategic network which can be called the New World Order is not exactly unified, but elements within it seek human enslavement—total power, money being the means to the end. Go the core of this agenda and you find that the power lust is being driven by occult energy. The capstone at the top of the pyramid being entity driven, semi robotic spirits generated by the matrix—the etheric template of the Earth—which is the survival mechanism, a computer like element of consciousness that obeys the commands of the totality consciousness fed into it.
This self organizing consciousness of dark power organically generates agendas to control people; chemically… through food, water, air pollutants, pharmaceuticals also weather control, psychic manipulation and so on, we don’t need to elaborate upon it here.

The Science Fiction Future is Here Now

The cover ups include reverse engineering of alien technologies, anti gravity and free energy. There is infiltration into crop circle groups, UFOlogy, New Age movement, Hollywood, Egyptology and so forth—because of an information war, or I prefer to call it the information game—“ Hearts and Minds” is the commodity.
Strategies are implemented to capture public attention, suck people in, so that the dark team get the public to ask for…. what it is that the cabals themselves want………… create problems, provide solutions.
The secret societies are populated by all manner of conflicting agendas including extreme religious fundamentalists, diverse apocalyptic enthusiasts, technological utopians and more—the cohesion and uneasy alliances being forged through a shared resonance—the lust for power.

Nut Jobs

The reason that those who investigate the conspiratorial realm look like wild crazy eyed fanatics to many people is because the terrain is wild, it moves between the objective-subjective divide, transgressing reality as it is normally considered. Jung’s observation of psychoids is relevant, so too is the shamanic understanding of the world being inhabited by spirits, the personifying aspects of all things.
Within the world there are organized fake alien abductions to misguide people and alien ‘abduction’ aka contact often benevolent in intent, there are ETs and Ultra terrestrials—the entities who take form and have life through the power of human energy, the tricksters, the jinni.

The good news is that the life force within the planet is stronger than the controls being attempted to be placed upon it.
For a soft example, the advertising industry is forced to be innovative, (which creates some fun and inspiring artistry) as the younger generations become harder to capture.
Likewise the manipulations in society are becoming very creative in the information game as a significant percentage of people… at least 10 percent have good instincts around bullshit.

Your Wish is My Command

The self perpetuating nature of secrecy, power lust and strategic conspiracy is the basis of the law attraction, life says yes, it’s a self perpetuating reality and what we focus on we become.
The conspiracy within the secret societies is creating a self perpetuating meme generator and feed back loop. The dark energy of fear, powers more of the same. The intrigue of secrecy and the lust for power generates entities such as the infamous Men in Black… etc, shadowy figures that transgress the object-subject divide. Virtual beings that fulfill the need of the higher echelons of black government intelligence agencies to have deeper and deeper or perhaps we can say higher and higher levels of ‘those who really know what’s going on’. It is essential to understand that within all secret societies the occult agenda and the enslavement strategies are not known by everyone within them, even those with a lot of authority, it is amazingly easy to compartmentalize any institution, on a “need to know basis”, once you have created a pyramid structure with levels and initiations.


BrightestSmile a friend of mine took me on a brief occult tour of the city of London; it is staggering how the square mile is embroidered with gargoyles, dragons and occult symbolism. The Vatican City is a library of ancient occulture and paganism; within all places of power the metaphysical codes are present.
Hidden in plain view, this is not merely conspiracy but the proof that the artifacts of consciousness are there to be harnessed or directed by the consciousness within the environment.

Vatican City with genuine Egyptian Obelisk

Washington, same


New Era

The unknown factors of India and China as they rise to power… and then those who belong to the cabals yet who are uneasy within this NWO agenda, when combined with the more powerful forces of light and evolutionary consciousness mean that the full agenda will not come to pass.

I am convinced that there is a management team of light (a term coined and eloquently explained by David Wilcock) that oversees the drama. The dark team—as a friend of mine calls them—is in fact given some slack to create the impetus we need to grow in consciousness.

Putting aside conspiracy lets just take a dispassionate view at the economic system, quite simply The Debt runs in Trillions…see the videos below to comprehend how much a billion and a trillion truly is…
Its not working very well is it?
So without condemning anyone, we can just simply recognize that something has to change….
What new kind of business strategy can solve this?


You can not fix the problem with the same kind of thinking, I mean consciousness and perception that created it
The eventual next stage, the ‘quantum leap’ the evolutionary shift is well and truly post corporate….a paradigm of consciousness.

Doors Opening

Bringing it back to me and you, the commodity of attention, intention and imagination should not be undervalued. The individuals influence on the world stage is real as we gain both awareness and integration to be coherent light beacons in the simple act of just living our lives, with enjoyment and openness.

The world is expanding, potentials are widening, reality is increasingly up for review, therefore the freedom, opportunities and creative choices we have are also opening and proliferating.
What will we agree to?
What novel creative avenues will spontaneously arise from this friction of extremes…

Time for a change, the change is towards universal abundance…may your day go swimmingly…and as a closing sentiment I will say may you fall in love with life all over again.

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