Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Next Time You Might Come Back as Your Wife’s Vacuum Cleaner

I notice that the Asia Consciousness Conference has a workshop devoted to Machine consciousness. The futurist movement seriously suggests that machines will one day be self consciousness— I agree but by the time that emerges the definition of life and reality will have changed. The trans-human movement corresponds with what I call the Coral Pholus Enchantment and runs parallel with the development of robots to this extreme level of consciousness

What is Trans-humanism?

The term was first coined by a guy with the snappy little name of FM-2030,—yes that was his name— in 1966 which is of great interest to astrologers as 1966 was the Uranus-Pluto conjunction which was astrologically responsible for the sexual and counter culture revolutions and the seeding of the technological revolution. Trans-humanism is basically us consciously taking over natural selection by deliberately utilizing robotics, genetics and nano technology to improve the human body.

Now this gives most of us the hee-bee-gee-bees understandably however far off in the future some form of it will manifest.
Before that can happen other levels of reality must emerge, which will change how we see it and how it manifests.

Go here to see The Enchantment Levels


The penultimate punch line of this piece is that Conscious machines will be Trojan Horses for ultra terrestrial, extra terrestrial and magically evoked entities—all sorts of souls.

The punch line though is
Q: What do Men and Dogs have in common?
A: An irrational dislike of the vacuum cleaner.

It is one of my karmic fears this vacuum cleaner business…..hmmm


  1. You need a roomba


    Be afraid, baby...