Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Have You Explored the Truth of Ancient Egypt?

The exploratory research of the ancient world is a journey of the mind and imagination which twists and turns to such an extent that at some point you will find yourself back where you started and standing in the swirling mists of time. My feeling from my own journey and other investigators is that this is the point from which some kind of clarity slowly begins to emerge.

I have been to Egypt once in the year 2000 backpacking from Israel, after a couple of nights in Istanbul and Jerusalem, down through Sinai, where I was sleeping on the beach in huts before heading into the carnival of Cairo. Visiting the pyramid sites I was somewhat disappointed to not feel as awed as I had hoped, I did have some psychic impressions and inspirations but not the extent that I was expecting it was an enriching experience none the less. What I loved about the trip was the exotic atmosphere, the back alleys and coffee shops, the smell and dust of a medieval era merging with the modern age. I will go back, next time though I will ‘do it posh’. Egypt seems to be one of those places where you need to go in style in contrast to Mesoamerica that opens its doors on a different frequency.

Countless acquaintances on the other hand have had fabulous psychic flashes, familiar voices, direct gnosis, visions and memories whilst sitting in the Kings Chamber or being around the temples and pyramids.

My past life journeys in the 1990s before my visit yielded extraordinary suggestions about the planets grid stabilizing because of the construction of the main pyramids. This was in order to keep the integrity of our time frame, as in putting a halt to time travel-securing the borders of reality.
A past life sense, a half memory that emerged after my many past life sessions and enquiries was of being a renegade priest wandering the desert as an escapee of the dictatorial Egyptian theocracy, more than one person actually independently verified this back to me.

Why do we need to research the nature of the ancient world, hasn’t Ancient Egypt pretty much been understood?

I will emphatically say that Egypt is an extraordinary unsolved mystery that stands at the doorway to our planets past. The story we have of our past limits our future. The changes in the world today, the technological revolution, ecological issues, economic and social dynamics are completely inter-woven with our social mythology. The bedrock of any society is its mythology, the story it tells itself of itself.
The archaeologist community has furnished us with some truth, the maps of developmental psychologists, expand that picture but the anomalies create a chasm, a chasm that is a portal
I invite you to follow this blog and jump through this portal into a larger world.

I have already posted some pieces (See “Atlantis”, posted 7 June 2009, and “The Shift of Worldviews”, posted 3 June 2009.) and will be posting more that I promise will evoke some new important questions within you. The thesis I am revealing incrementally is a whole new paradigm of consciousness.
In the meantime I would ask you to share any considered views, opinions, and personal experiences you have had whilst in Egypt in the comment box.

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