Monday, 8 June 2009


A simple overview of the paradox of ancient wisdom and the progress of today.

Atlantis existed and was finally destroyed along with the Saber Tooth Tiger and the Mammoth about 12,000 BCE in a global cataclysm; the physical evidence matches the global mythology. Ancient civilizations had access to knowledge we don’t have today, however we have evolved since then.

The nature of evolution is the move towards greater complexity, an ability to be conscious of more intricacy, more bits and pieces, more layers or more chaotic contents within a whole. Evolution is the maturation of our ability to encompass and own more diversity in our unity; this is the adventure of consciousness.

We evolve as individuals and collectively through stages, but the move from one stage to another involves putting aside some of that which we have gained in the last stage to be picked up again later.

Through examining myth and archaeology many academics have been astounded to find that in the prehistoric world seafaring travel was commonplace, knowledge of how to harness earth energies was available, and a precise map of the stars and precession of the equinox was utilized -- and a lot more besides…

The cataclysms that are documented in all world myth swept many coastal cities under the sea (many have now been found). After this, humankind started again with a dramatic decline of the ancient knowledge whilst a new form of moral and social structure gradually emerged. There was both decay of knowledge and yet growth of human complexity.

In sacred sites we often see that there are layers of construction, the earlier ones are more sophisticated than the newer ones.

The Atlanteans, we are told, were arrogant and this was their downfall. I have been on past life journeys, talked to people who have memories of Atlantis and have read numerous books; I am convinced an incredible civilization existed before a global cataclysm of 13,000 to 11,500 BCE and that the story of Atlantis in general terms is true.

The many books that are written on Atlantis vary in quality. However the best ones are written by people who invariably spend 20 or 30 years (or more) exploring the world's ancient sites before making their pronouncements. Most often these authors are intellectually brilliant and very brave; engineers are frequently involved, because many an engineer is thrown into an utter state of incredulity once they examine ancient sites, as the evidence is completely at odds with the consensual story of history.

The totality of the evidence that I have examined suggests to me that the Atlanteans were less evolved than we are today in terms of complexity. The world was a much simpler place. We now live in a multi-tiered reality of incredible paradox, yet it’s all part of our one-planet experience.

Increasing diversity within unity is the impulse of life.

The point I raise here is a crucial one that I am working on in the development of the Enchantments, which defines how the mysterious process of evolution actually occurs.

Over the last 18 years I have been on a journey of exploring reality. This journey has continued to shake me and wake me. The revelations of Atlantis, on one hand, and the awakening to see, that yes, life has a direction, that it does evolve and we are evolving, on the other hand, have both been very exciting, euphoric and revelatory in their own right. But the recognition of how these disparate factors fit together leaves me with a profound sense of awe.

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