Thursday, 4 June 2009

The Shift of Worldviews

It is time for our society to remember that the experiences of shamanic cultures are truly magical. Anthropologists and Psychologists reduce the shamanic experience and the parallel experiences of childhood to the merely subjective.

The counter reactionary perspective is that we need to return back to the golden age of the past and the spiritual experience of childhood; however this denies progress and evolution. A more refined worldview will accept that as we evolve we set aside and leave behind certain qualities and consciousness that we are now ready to start integrating with our civilized self conscious selves.

The psychological analysis of shamanistic experience is not wrong from within the context of psychology or science, the problem is that the contexts of science and psychology are not large enough to encompass its reality. Yes ancient shamanic cultures are in fact often less evolved from the point of view of civilization, this can be contentious and offensive to some people as it smacks of superiority due to the last few hundred years of racial prejudice that was perpetrated with the license of rationality and evolution.

However this is not where I am coming from, the whole concept of superiority is inappropriate.

The shamanic and the childhood realities takes place simultaneously in the physical world yet mostly in the astral world, the world that interpenetrates this one unseen or as yet unrecognized by the dominant paradigm of mainstream science.

The astral world is sealed off from our experience by the development of the linear mind; this is true in childhood which is why childhood memories are sparse, veiled and interpreted differently from the actual experience. What’s true for childhood development is also true of early shamanic cultures from 40,000 years ago, what the aborigines call the Dreamtime.
The development of the linear mind was and is a necessary stage of evolution that gives rise to civilization and safer society. The linear mind develops hand in hand with the recording of history, writing, written records and linear time.

Before the axial age of 500-600 BCE, reality was different, time was different.

Through Ancient history we see the gradual formation of the individuated consciousness and the gradual closure of access to the astral worlds. What is happening is a two fold process one is evolution on the physical plane, the second is involution, the descension of the innocent soul from its timeless,-spaceless realm into the density of the world we know.

We stand at the doorway now where we are gradually opening our consciousness to integrate that which we have left behind with that which we have gained. The shift of the dominant worldview is an enormous expansion of our reality landscape, for it encompasses magical reality and that which we have gained from evolution.

If you want to read another page that furthers the understanding on the Astral planes, click on the comment box below, for Astral Planes 101.

I have done a variety of paintings over the last few years from the shamanic perspective and some of them are being featured soon on as I will be artist of the month, I will put up links on Mystic Cyber Crow.

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  1. Astral Matter 101
    The Moons path around the Earth creates the space around the Earth. The Earth and the Moon are part of one system; the Moon is the Earth s Moon. The Moons effects on our tides and emotions are evident to the majority of people even if science is reluctant to admit it.

    The Moon rules the ebb and Flow of energy between the Earths surface and the Moon which ascribes a path that creates a field of energy from the Earth.
    The astral planes are the realm of the Moon-the afterlife the place we go to if we have an out of body experience. The astral plane experience has been well documented and has been confirmed to me by many people I have known and some limited direct experiences of my own.

    Astral matter is a substance that is fluid, emotional, imaginary and 4 dimensional.
    As well as occupying the space around the Earth it has extra space within it. The Astral planes interpenetrate our 3 dimensional world on a finer frequency than our normal vision, but our emotional selves are very sensitive to the fluctuations of energies in the Astral planes.

    As well as occupying the space around the Earth it has extra space within it. Our 3 dimensional space with objects in it that we experience is due to our limited senses ability. If I occupy a spot on the corner of a road you can’t be there as well, one object in one space. However Science has agreed that the 3 dimensional space defies our senses it is in fact full of interpenetrating energies, invisible to us.

    The Astral planes open up extra lateral dimensions, in the astral planes people can pass through each other and in fact astral beings can move through us during our everyday lives. In the astral planes there are many frequencies of emotional substance from the more coarse which is closer to the Earth, more desirous, the finer frequencies which are in accord with the emotional impulse to return to source or away from Earthly density.

    People in the afterlife of different frequencies can occupy the same space. Space is experienced in an altogether different way, so is time.
    The further we move away from the Earth within the Astral plane the less linear time becomes. We all experience the non linear nature of emotional time, time speeds up when you are having fun, time drags when you are waiting for something. The objective truth of time is linear, mechanical and measured by the clock but our actual experience is not, so time is subjective according to our reality experience

    Another experience of time we all have is the timeless almost eternal nature of early childhood in comparison to time going faster as we get older. So to reiterate we see time can be considered objective by the mind thanks to the creation of clocks and yet also subjective in our experience.

    The astral planes are an actual substance. From a scientific and psychological perspective the experience is subjective as in they exist only inside our heads. The substance of the astral planes is emotion and imagination, veiled behind the wall of linear time. The definition therefore that divides reality into subjective or objective reality is a limited viewpoint.