Wednesday, 3 June 2009

2012 and the P Word

2012 represents a shift towards Galactic Consciousness. The 2012 end date is the end of a 26,000 year cycle regarding the Earths relationship with the Galaxy. The general meaning of this is an acceleration of human evolution and consciousness. One thing that all worldviews agree on at the moment is that the world is changing and change itself is accelerating.
Looking briefly at the sociological implications we can say that one aspect of this 2012 shift involves the P word. It is useful to understand the P word in the context of the larger mystical reality.

Barack Obama

We are very lucky at the moment to have such an enigmatic, charismatic, audacious and authentic leader in the world in the form of Barack Obama, he is presently involved in huge battles, mostly happening behind closed doors.
World Power is presently centred in Corporate Materialism, I say this without a condemnation or overtly moral stance, as this is just the existential fact of our evolutionary state.

Behind closed Doors?

Government as a theatre is and has to be a reflection of the mass consciousness. Government as a theatre is centred between—on one hand social moral structure, law and order, promoting a safe civilized society with basic amenities for all citizens (blue Saturn Enchantment)—and on the other hand a society shaped by market forces of natural selection through economic competition(Orange Uranus Enchantment). Politics is a theatre that is in the Blue/Orange transitional states. However World power is corporate (Orange Uranus Enchantment) so even though we see Green politics and more sophisticated politicians existing on the world stage the context itself is limited to this Blue/Orange transitional Enchantment.
The Corporate agenda and its strategy are fought through the power of the lobbyists who are very effective agents within the theatre of government. I subscribe to MoveOn an email newsletter put out by a group affiliated with Obama’s administration this gives the low down on the hidden drama.

A word in your ear

Each week MoveOn details the enormous activity that is not reported fully by the mainstream media, involving the vigorous activities of lobbyists on behalf of large corporate concerns, again I say this without attempting to demonize materialism, we all enjoy the benefits, but there is a shadow—it just goes with the territory.

People before Money

The 2012 effect on the power structure of our society comes down to change being attempted by the human species to shift power from material values Orange Uranus Enchantment to humanitarian values Green Neptune Enchantment or a transitional state between the two.

Higher levels of consciousness are existent in the world and emerging, however the consensual ‘real’ world theatre is by necessity at a lower level of consciousness, this is a result of the democratic and aggregate consciousness of the whole human species.

I say this because I feel it is time for spiritually consciousness people to start seeing the whole dynamic system of the human species on all levels of it development, so as to aid in the shift of consciousness associated with 2012.

By studying the Enchantments of Life all theatres of this world become transparently interconnected fields of consciousness. Understanding the Enchantments is not the solution to all of your challenges but it does expand your consciousness to an uncommon level of awareness about the dynamic intelligence of our species.

Here is a free introductory website with articles, tables and fun self assessment questionnaire.

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  1. I believe that the world is controlled by a democratic process of species intelligence. If you have been introduced to my Enchantments model, you will understand that I see the human species as a complex multi layered cohesively intelligent being that exhibits the dominant dual paradox of desires to change/evolve/grow on one hand and survive/stabilize and control on the other hand.

    That does not necessarily mean though that there is no global conspiracy by the world’s most powerful elite the international banking community.

    I suspect most of you have heard of the Bilderberg group, The Tri lateral commission and other such organizations sometimes reffered to as the illumaniti, with possible metaphysical agendas of enslavement for the human race.

    There are many whom suggest that Barak Obama is in fact a careful selected puppet for this agenda

    I find this disturbing having read his books and enjoying the sense of a genuine ethical and extraordinary man and believing that as we speak he is in fact head to head with the lobbyists attempting to diminish corporate power.

    I don’t know?

    However the astrology of 2012-15 includes the square of Uranus with Pluto that suggests a major conflict in the global population between agents for control and maybe oppression against agents of innovation and maybe autocratic pioneers.

    The complexity of the mix can manifest in different ways, however it is fair to say that the species is evolving, this brings more creative freedom and by necessity the opposing energy to control and inhibit this creativity.

    The astrological square of Uranus and Pluto is ultimately a dynamic tension that although conflictive is creative.

    It is useful to be aware of the probability that there are agendas to control everything but that this is not the ultimate power in this theatre, the ultimate power is the collective human race and its extraordinary intelligence of adaptation and its inherent impulse to evolve which over rides the impulse to stabilize/secure and control by enough degrees to allow the exercise of freewill.