Thursday, 28 May 2009

Gold Rush

Is it time to buy Gold?

Today is the conjunction of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron, which means as we look out from here-Earth- into the plasma entity that surrounds us-which we call the Solar system we see the three planets sharing the same co-ordinate of the Zodiac, the 27th degree of Aquarius.
As I mentioned before this triple conjunction occurs at the same time as Neptune has completed its first orbit of the Solar system since we discovered it. Astrology works on the principles of as above and so below so what we perceive from Earths position reflects back us the quality of the moment we find ourselves in. Neptune was discovered in 1846 that was the era that the consciousness of Neptune awoke in the human species. One element of Neptune is non linear abundance (affluence which means in the flow) the natural flow of energy from the universe that increases energy from nowhere or nothing as we open up to a new level of abundance, accessible through a higher system of energy.

On 24th January 1848 gold was discovered at a mill—think River, think flow.
In 1848-9 the California Gold rush began increasing the population of the state from 14,000 to 100,000 people who came from all over the world in just over a year, then a further 100,000 people the following year, by 1850 California became accepted as a state.
Now, after the Gold was discovered we could say that the Gold existed already on Earth, but it was hidden until that point. Neptune is the ocean and infinite supply of energy that can flows into a system once it is unlocked and opens up to a new higher level of energy and consciousness, Neptune’s discovery corresponded with a whole new level of reality, the planet was already there of course but we had not discovered it, the collective perception in other words expanded to see more.
Today synchronically I received an email from Peter Ragnor suggesting that the only insurance against a global depression is to buy Gold.

Maybe that’s true I understand the logic of the Gold reserve behind banking, but maybe this time is about opening to a new level of inherent abundance, something beyond the economy?

The universe is inherently abundant to a degree beyond our imagination...what abundance awaits us?

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