Tuesday, 9 June 2009

2012 The Underlying Message

The simple message of 2012 is the underlying shift towards the Earth waking up to itself. (Turquoise Chiron Enchantment)

The totality of Earth is waking up to itself that includes the integration or inclusion of all paradigms, not just science and religion.

This awakening can be thought of a shamanic consciousness on the next turn of the spiral. Humanity will increasingly start looking out again into the cosmos, Earth is traveling in the cosmos and all of Humanities output is a substance feeding the Earth consciousness.

The fundamental underlying social change is a shift towards recognizing energy and consciousness as more essential than matter and economics, once again experiencing energy and consciousness as substance.

The effects of this underlying planetary impulse are varied, one effect being the subject I mentioned yesterday—the re-evaluation of our ancient history. Ancient artifacts, sacred sites and mythology reveal a profound connection with Earths energy-its geometry, its fractal resonance or holographic relationship with the greater cosmos and the nature of cycles.
This has instant knock on effects to how we frame evolution. Our present potentials are limited by the dominant story or social myth which starts with a filtered perception of our past. Instead of merely focusing on the natural selection, competitive element of evolution, we will and are seeing the cohesive intelligence of life.

I doubt whether we will all wake up in 2013 in a state of blissed out recognition, however a shift is occurring now which ties in with the 2012 end date which is creating a cascade of subconscious awareness towards having a bigger vision of life.

Increasing attention is being given to underwater ruins, what story do they tell?

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