Thursday, 25 February 2010

Enjoy Life and Be the Change in the World

The word ‘evolution’ can sound somewhat daunting, even exhausting. To some, it might reek of compulsive ‘progress’ and perfectionism. If you sign up for it – evolution, that is – you might think that sounds as if you are given no chance to slob out a little, nor to call upon the all-important slacker wisdom.

However, the evolution of consciousness totally requires that we stop and smell the roses – and also that we sometimes just ‘give in. If we over-identify with some overly masculine progression, there is a tendency towards getting inflated, rigid and fascist, in other words too serious…

Put Consciousness with Evolution … Aha!
The evolution of consciousness is about enjoying life, far more than it is about sacrifice. Enjoying life is not just about pleasure, or even about giving pleasure or comfort; it also involves the burgeoning enjoyment of the magnificence of life itself.

To continue enjoying our experience requires an ability to change the emphasis of our life as the long good road unfolds, to add to and refine the way in which we enjoy life.

The nature of self-interest is that as we become more conscious (ie more evolved), our self-centred desires, wishes and pleasures naturally become more benevolent and gift more aspects of creation – which is not the same as saying we just get more uniformly good and sweet in all areas.

Even Moments of Idiocy Are Allowed
The evolution of consciousness is neither smooth nor linear. It requires backward steps, losses and errors; they are all part of the journey, a fact that is easier to appreciate once you accept your own paradoxes and the paradoxes of creative existence.

The adventure of life itself can be called the evolution of consciousness. The evolution of consciousness is the expansion of awareness through all areas of a sphere. The expansion is an ebb and flow, a surge into one area and a temporary withdrawal from another. Yet, over time, we do indeed expand our awareness and interconnection as we open more doors to the greater universe. The best way to understand this is through the perspective of the aura.

The Flowing Energy of Your Psyche
See your body in the centre of the aura. The expansion of your consciousness takes place in two directions: outwards, through an outpouring of awareness from the body towards all areas of the energy sphere around you; and inwards, to your central channel. This inner journey moves you towards the infinite eternal mystery of the Source.

The outward expansion emphasizes the immanence of spirit in all things and our relationship to all things, as we talked about in a previous blog. The inward journey is the transcendence of those relationships and the connection to the universal deities and the Source of Life. These two directions of our subtle energy go hand in hand.

The evolution of consciousness is an unfoldment, an emergence, an adventure, an existential experience, a task requiring effort and persistence, a surrender and an innovative creative act of consciousness each step of the way.

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