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The Development of Relational Intelligence is a Product of Evolution and a Reflection of the Nature of Evolution

In the last blog, I talked about something ungraspable by the linear rational mind – the nature of time. The rational mind is a tool in symbiotic relationship with linear time, which we know is a limited perspective. The rational, reductive grasp of the mind exists within time; however, time–space as a fourth dimensional substance is bigger than the rational mind, so cannot be grasped by it.

In contrast to the intelligence of the rational mind, the intelligence we utilize in relationships scans, feels and intuits, whether we are relating to a person, an animal, an idea, a logo or a webpage.

This wide-spectrum intelligence that connects to the heart operates on multiple time frames and potentialities of near future and past—it is not confined to linear time. In relational intelligence, you are scanning beyond the linear time frame.

Once we see a complete system comprised of dynamic and relating parts—such as human society—the whole of that system looks very different from the bottom-up view, while the parts also look different with the benefit of the top-down view.

Looking at you as an individual from the perspective of the species gives us a very different understanding of who you are than if we were simply to understand you through your own self-referencing.

All systems are composed of the interactions between the parts—in the case of the human system, this is relationships. You and I are in a kaleidoscope of cascading relationships—we relate immediately, obliquely, vertically and horizontally. We relate most immediately to our lover, friends, family and work colleagues, but also with our mindset, our culture and, to a lesser degree, to all of the rest of the human species.

The relationship of the individual to everybody else is becoming stronger. The Internet and global integrated media means that increasingly we are having some kind of displaced information exchange with all other humans. The ability of the individual to affect the collective is becoming more apparent, while the collective consciousness and global effects are now of more relevance to the individual. We are all transmitting our stories that much more quickly into the collective soup from which each moment emerges.

This is the trend—and this trend will only increase as it is the way in which complexity emerges. Evolution is the increase in complexity, which means that as we evolve, we not only become part of larger wholes, we are co-creating the wholes.

Our Planet is a Whole System Interconnected through Intricate Patterns

Evolution is the increase in complexity, which means our system not only grows in scale of community, it also grows in intricacy.

Communities of a lower order of complexity still exist within the developing global village—we coexist with small pockets of tribal societies, fiefdoms, slum mafias, insular religious orders and nationalist states. These smaller-scale communities all filter the full impact of the global marketplace, to a greater or lesser extent, yet all increase the overall complex intelligence of the world.

The evolutionary impulse creates greater degrees of integration within the being of Earth.

Integration is Emerging

'Integral' means integrating all that exists within human thinking. It is oxymoronic to disavow astrology, UFOology, Cryptozoology or anything else in an integral exploration of planetary consciousness … that’s just over-intellectualizing and trying too hard to be ‘legitimate’, according to present standards.

To be openly integral means exploring new realms and relating to the full diversity of human beliefs, experience and paradigms of investigation.

The innovation of our society towards a fuller expression of the human species system (Yellow Pluto Enchantment [Ed: see the Enchantments section in our portal website]) means recognizing all people play a role—not all equal, but all have something to offer simply because they are in the system; the system cannot function to full capacity without them. This is not the evolution of 'winners and losers', but evolution of appropriate role play in a creative system of society.

Woodstock crowd, image from Google images

Crowd Sourcing

We need to restate this:

In a large, complex system all parts are relevant. No part exists out of the system, so it is by definition relevant. All parts may not be equal, but they are all relevant.

A fully trained scientific adult mind possesses more relevant information about the nature of the human species than does the mind of a preschool child. However, the child’s view is still a valid view from within the system—even though it may not be as valuable (in most cases) as the adult educated mind. But the child’s view is still an expression from within the system that has to be integrated, if we are to see the system as a whole.

A mixed group of novices and experts is more intelligent than a group consisting solely of experts, as outlined in the book, The Wisdom of Crowds by James Surowiecki.

What Does the Individual Look Like in All of This?

Your identity is formed through all that you relate to.

In the emerging global social environment, your ability to be cognitively elastic increases and you are becoming increasingly co-creative.

You are becoming more intelligent in your ability to relate to more aspects of all human life.

Relationships in the broadest sense and the agreements that come out of them are how we create reality; relationship is far more powerful than science as a determiner of creation.

Speaking as a man, this article is a good reminder to me of the importance of feminine ‘fuzzy logic’ as being equally valid to masculine so-called ‘objectivity’—but you knew that already didn’t you?

You are a co-creator.

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