Sunday, 21 February 2010

A Short Sunday Outing

Just thought I would share my sentiments of today with you.

Life is a trip. As we incarnate, a veil comes down and once again we take the journey of life with the necessary loss of memory. A good trip must be fully immersive.
Within each incarnation life offers us a large array of trips to involve our whole selves in, some are obligatory or I should the basic parameters of the lifescape are collectively pre-structured, so that we are involved in experiences that are resonant with others.


We also create a script for our life before we get here, the astrology chart reveals it in 4 dimensional symbolic language, our job is about awakening within each situation to get the most out of it, ultimately it comes down to gifting others and in so doing we are infused into the world, colouring the world with our essential unique character and living as vessels that receive the gifts of others.


I have done the trip of the new age that is an excellent theatre, one of the best; I also did the philosophical trip of Ken Wilber, superb. Relationships, beliefs, careers, businesses, taking on any kind of social role, yoga, meditation, any ideology you care to mention are all just wonderful. Being anonymous and detached is one of those trips that become more available as you get older if you so choose, it offers refreshment to the soul. However the challenge is to remind ourselves that as one enchanting reality dissolves there are more available if you keep your heart and soul open. If you stay adrift from everyone you lose the light of life which only others can give you, unless you are completely surrendering to God without any attachment as to what God is.

The Long Good Road is all about immersing oneself, followed by a crisis period of releasing oneself from our identification and then starting all over again.

I have often woken up with the sense of awe of how theatrical reality’ is, the moment I try to hold onto that feeling it dissolves back into the ethers, but each time a louder echo of this illuminated emptiness stays with me for all time.

The best meditations I have done have been largely spontaneous, with my eyes open just sitting, normally early morning, mostly in nature but not always and they last about a minute….a long time. In those moments life passes unhindered through me and is flavoured very subtly by me.


I feel the cliché about love is true, no matter what, love lasts forever. Love is the Kosmic glue.

Get Real....

Although all trips require respect, there are certain laws built in to them, we are here to enjoy it all with a sense of humour, just don’t laugh in the middle of someone else’s trip as they are coming up though, they get very upset. Especially if it is a popular selection, its just not done to try to remind people that they are taking it too serious and their trip is not permanent or universally true.

With respect, enjoy your trip.

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