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What Has This Got To Do With You?

What has this Yeti, Big Foot, Sasquatch thing got to do with you?
I am noticing that subjects like this and ET get a lot less response that Law of Attraction, Life Purpose and even Astrology. The question of relevance comes into it.
What is the point, how can it benefit me you ask… fair enough.

Those who really get into this subject of Hominoids number in the thousands, not many thousands and those who are committed to it maybe number hundred, (that’s a rough estimate) which on global terms is very small.
My main areas of focus are astrological research and integral development.
Integral theory is also pretty niche as is astrological research.

Astrology as a passing interest is very popular and astrology as a study along Jungian psychological lines is also fairly popular, with a respectable number of full time astrologers in the world managing to earn a very meagre crust—but deep research of astrology is extremely niche.

So I am not making things that easy for me, but I love what I do. The message of my work is that the world is changing, nothing radical there, but the nature of that change is towards an integration of all things on Earth.

The shift of consciousness on Earth that is being guided, spontaneously arising and what many people want is from a material paradigm to a consciousness paradigm.
A global shift of consciousness takes a lot of energy but that energy is building.
So let us take a particular look at the nature of change.

Life is Continuous Renewal

I love new things, novelty, we all do, and the initial excitement of discovering something new is allied to the hearts natural state of being in love with life. All humans yearn for the joy of love—to be open. To en-joy life we have to love what we do. The heart and soul know that life is eternally new; there are more things on heaven and in Earth than we can possibly know.

The Truth is Out There......WAY OUT THERE !

Have you ever looked at the Fortean Times which reports on Sasquatch, UFOS, Lochness Monsters, Raining Frogs, ten foot Lizardmen with glowing eyes and so much more, it’s just so crazy like the X-files. It feels too overloading, too wacky, disturbing and like a B-movie somehow, too novel to be true. It is so far removed from that every day existential feeling of normality that most of us experience and quite rightly need.

Yet Normal

What I will suggest to you is that once you have integrated; shamanic realities and the acceptance of the existence of other beings with us here in this physical realm—whether they are crossing in and out of it or living here fully physical as Earth inhabitants in the wildernesses of the world—then it is all rather normal. The difference is your reality has greatly expanded, but that same feeling of existential normality is essentially the same. If a significant amount of people woke up to a much larger reality we then would have greater manifestations—on a new level of existence.

The ecological challenges would be met, as would many of the global inequities, clean free energy for example would be accepted—acceptance is a major factor in expanding reality. Life would not, or will not be perfect the evolutionary impulse to continue the adventure of growth requires and supplies new challenges.

Compartmentalizing Reality

The minds role is to set limits, compartmentalize, create structure, safety and make life easier in terms of comfort. Our minds commit to and defend our corner of reality to stabilize our world so that we can function in society as it stands, relating to others by finding common ground. The effect of acquiring knowledge and information—which includes, moral conduct, law and social etiquette—is that we narrow our focus and create identity and belonging. The need to belong and to conform to something to find agreements is an essential foundation.

The challenge then is then how do we stay open. The more we are identified and embodied in a particular role the more threatening it is to take on new experiences, truth and open our minds and hearts to aspects of reality that seem to undermine the mythology we have agreed to adhere to. As we get older the tendency is to crystallize and close doors of enquiry.

If your income is dependent on a particular school of thought, then the tendency is that you will defend it. If your daily bread requires that you find approval from those in your paradigm— social circle, culture, religion be it a new age mind set, the environmental movement or integral movement—then you learn to ignore, attack or filter out that which will get you kicked out of the club. Ridicule is a killer.

What's My Point?

Partly I am looking to open doors of enquiry, partly I am here to entertain your mind, but in many ways I am interested for myself in continuing to live my life with a spirit of adventure, so as to not close down but to continually reawaken that sense of wonder about reality and thus enjoy my life. I hope am I speaking to others who also need that sense of adventure to find life enjoyable?

The Long Good Road

I think we are living in an extraordinary epoch, where the need to ask intelligent questions is becoming paramount. The forward momentum of our society and its problem solving ability depends wholly on the ability to refine questions. The debates concerning science and religion, within the media from my perspective are in the main idiotic arguments that belong to a dark age. The environmental debate seems to be fairly unsophisticated, the energy debate especially—partly this is because of deliberate manipulation.

From what I see the limited questions, research and development that is coming from the main stream paradigms is actually impacting us all negatively to some degree or certainly has the potential to do so. Increasingly over the next 10-20 years the prerogative of our society is to open and change.

The manifest world is a direct reflection of human focus and the questions or the nature of our quest. Limiting the quest to find economic and technological solutions to all of the challenges upon Earth is no longer sufficient.

The question of Yetis make us laugh it is funny however the subject like many other fringe issues has enormous repercussions on our view of the world, our origins, evolution, history and ultimately our experience here on Earth. Humour is essential and I hope I do not come across too serious.

But at the same time…we don’t even to be slack minded

Compartmentalized Society

Human beings in the main live in tightly packed clusters on a relatively small part of the earth’s surface, apart from indigenous peoples or those who choose to live isolated from society—who all talk of what we presently call mythical creatures.

Despite the wonders of Google earth, we actually do not know so much about what is going on Earth, still enormous chunks of the earth surface have not been foot surveyed. The Yetis or Hominoid species live in dense and sometimes swampy forested areas like Northern California. Ivan Sanderson in his book Abominable Snowman-Legend Comes To Life explains how the majority of those that live in towns within 30 miles or less of Hominoid habitation will not open their minds to Hominoid existence. The process of denial and name calling gives sufficient reason to stop them making any efforts to go and look at say anomalous footprints, listen to those who have seen the creatures or make any enquiries what so ever. The indigenous populations that have and still do to some extent live in wilderness on five continents for hundreds of years have seen and accepted their local Hominoid ‘community’.

Year in and year out people from civilization encounter unknown species, large human like apes and all manner of other things that correspond with the so called myths and legends of indigenous peoples.

Body Wisdom

When I embarked on my shamanic exploration of reality in 1991/1992 I would get up early every day and go to my local common, Horsell Common in Woking England, which is the place that HG Wells sat and was inspired to write the war of the worlds. As an aside I got to understand why, in the next couple of years with the strange experiences I had there…anyway another time.
What was so amazing at arriving at the common as early as 4am in mid summer was that it was wild, the energy and atmosphere was electric. Through my sustained practices I awakened my instinct—an ability linked to smell to feel when others were on the common and when they were approaching within hundreds of yards, even if they were well hidden from view.

I had no work what so ever for over three years, I was living on bare minimum social security and basically just dedicated to shamanic and energy exploration with astrological research. The unhindered period of enquiry without a subconscious agenda of profit and worldly concerns, allowed me to know what animalistic instinct is. The instinct allied to the base chakra and our sense of smell is where we are directly plugged into the natural environment.

The instinct is really a receiver, where we are part of the environment and it has an extreme sensitivity as we know from animals’ abilities to respond to earthquakes before they happen and the collective migrations impulses of many species.

The nocturnal hominoids with their instinctive intelligence are quick to hide away from humankind. The species we are talking about have gone further and further into the wildernesses.

More To Find

“The story of the Giant Panda is significant, because even after it was spotted; it took another 60 years and hundreds of highly skilled trackers to finally capture one”..

from here

Scientists have discovered more than 1,000 species in Southeast Asia's Greater Mekong region in the past decade, including a spider as big as a dinner plate
World wildlife fund 2008

A rat thought to have become extinct 11 million years ago and a cyanide-laced, shocking pink millipede were among creatures found in what the group called a "biological treasure trove".
The species were all found in the rainforests and wetlands along the Mekong River, which flows through Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and the southern Chinese province of Yunnan.
"It doesn't get any better than this," Stuart Chapman, director of WWF's Greater Mekong Programme, was quoted as saying in a statement by the group.
"We thought discoveries of this scale were confined to the history books."

From Google News

The Spirit of Science

What is suggested time and time again is that a number of archaeologists and scientists are really interested in the extra-terrestrial phenomenon, hominoids and ancient civilizations and other models of evolution, where there might be room for elements of creationism, intelligent design and intervention theory.

This is where we need to discriminate between scientists, using open scientific methodology and science media, the institutions of science. The institutions produce the more fundamental, vocal, defensive members of science, whereas the open minded enquirer and truly scientific investigator is less vocal, more cautious, more accepting of uncertainty—therefore willing to question.
We are at a stage where the next step is about asking intelligent questions rather than the defense of fixed positions.

Back to You

What I am suggesting is that really it all starts with the individual and the willingness to enjoy life as an adventure of learning and expanding….its not really about sacrifices, I am talking about the joy of expanding experience and staying open to the immensity of life.

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