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Today Mystic Cyber Crow is all about fame, me and Lady Ga Ga.

What power is there in the imagery put out by pop music?

Does fame make the audience or the performer go ga ga?

My Fame?

I am artist of the month on Lamma Island, or I should say, be sure to have a look at the 15 paintings selected, click on each one to enlarge...
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Lady Ga Ga’s Fame

here she is before she was famous, I have to say she is obviously talented.

so what happens to her in the metamorphosis from Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta to Ga Ga?

She decides to go Ga Ga, regressing back to the helplessness of babyhood, becoming imbecile, a vacant popstar, or creating imbeciles—that’s the story she is playing with by taking on the name Ga Ga....playing with I said.

Her hidden self emerges as she takes on the identity of Ga Ga, to become a star.

"I was like the weird girl who dressed like a zoo animal, the trash glamour in a roomful of urban hip-hop cats," she smiles. "They'd be, like, 'Gaga, what do you think of this lyric?' and I'd twist it all up and all of a sudden it was edgy." –Lady Gaga

She seems to be a very bright woman—she studied art, religion and socio-policital order—playful, creative and informed.
The first couple of times I listened to her it sounded just like cheap pop dross, but some of it was real ear worm stuff, it changes when you see the performance.

I have been watching a batch of her videos, they are compelling, and I can see the genius in the artistry of her whole performance, which looks to be a mixture of her own expression and those she works with. The Bad Romance video is particularly amazing it is also extremely sinister, but then I ask myself does art transform the darkness by showing it as part of the game of life, or do we merely become what we place our attention upon?

Watch video Here

The message that is inherent within some of her work, the subtext is that she is selling her soul for fame and she is crying inside, her soul is caged in the trappings of material seduction. “When I’m not working, I go crazy.” “The truth is, the psychotic woman that I truly am comes out when I’m not working,”

The fame monster is a post modern comment on the decadence of celebrity whilst pursuing excessive success.
Although she is wearing an overtly sexually provocative mask in Bad Romance, the net effect is not sexual as such it’s about power, perversion and enslavement. She is deliberately raising some shadow issues, being provocative. She is pretending to become a slave with a nod to the crowd that she has it under control.

How conscious is she of the meanings behind the freemason, occult and satanic symbols she uses and mixes, does it matter? Is she feeding the darkness?

So here is the analysis of her videos that has become legend on the internet
Three pages to read, but do come back to see my take on it all.

first part
part two
Analysis of Bad Romance here


this guy, the vigilant citizen is not nuts…. the symbolism is really there, but how do we interpret it?

Is there a deliberate manipulation of her, has she really made a deal with someone? The conspiracy view is now so latent within the collective consciousness and so we could surmise that creative people just pick up on it semi consciously… maybe just for effect?

For me, my own modest art channels and reflects that which I have been thinking about and working on, same for everyone, art is not separate from the artist and is the perfect vehicle to draw upon the unconscious, art is channeling.

Behind the scenes video here

“getting attention and doing anything to get it” Jonas Akerlund

look at his tea shirt, quote below from Vigilant Citizen

The director of the Paparazzi is wearing a Venom shirt, bearing the face of Baphomet and the Sigil of the Church of Satan. So, there is a chance that the director is slightly aware of those kinds of things

Some Astro Nerd Stuff and My Conclusion
Her sun Sign is Aries, but I am more interested in her Nodes the Souls Intention.

The Producer Jonas Akerlund is Sun, Mercury, Venus and Neptune all in tight conjunction in Scorpio and all tightly conjunct her Moon
Stefani’s transformation to Lady Ga ga—“don’t ever call me Stefani ever again” occurred in 2006. (Jupiter was transiting through Scorpio in that year conjunct her Pluto as she changed her music style).
She was 19 when she turned up at the studio that really set her upon her path, around the time of her nodal return.
Sun, Venus and Mars were transiting around her Scorpio South Node at the time she changed her name in November 2006. Her south node is conjunct Pluto in Scorpio in 11th house suggesting she is unconsciously drawing upon past life experience with occult groups. The north node in her natal chart is conjunct Venus in Taurus in the 5th house suggesting the challenge of her life is self expression, turning her past life enslavement into an artform by using her feminine seduction.

Rodeo Satan

Does she have a karmic contract and/or is she is transmuting the energy of occult enslavement and making it light…I will go with that second option as a conclusion at the moment.

She is certainly playing with Satan, will she ride Satan or will Satan ride her?
A master shaman from Peru uses the term riding Satan meaning mastering Satan “Rodeo Satan”, mastering the darkness. The Pluto in Scorpio generation is here to make light of the darkness of the human drama and they do have an ability to transform power abuse, so again I will go with that.

So its just art huh? its not just art, it carries a lot of energy and it wouldn’t harm people to be a bit more conscious of occult symbols so that mass manipulation does not manifest.

Like Marilyn Manson, who I really like, she is an intelligent creative freak that speaks for many disenfranchised kids and also the gay community who love her camp theatrical performance.
In an interview on the Ellen Degeneres show she says she is expressing something on behalf of all those who do not feel they fit in and can not be winners, the paradox now of course is that she is a winner.

My sense is she is quite poppunk for the new era, purging deep dark energy I hope she manages to stay detached, as in not identify with her masquerade and find the space for privacy and soul connection that has to follow this crazy high octane fame trip she is currently on.

The awakening within her soul —another level of consciousness starts in spring this year end in march but really kicks in January until November 2011as Pluto is transiting her natal Neptune, in 2012 Pluto will square her Sun, and Uranus will conjunct her sun as she goes through a total identity change that year.

The story behind her name here

oh and have a look at my shamanic art here


  1. Standing Ovation!!!
    Now let's get the Lady herself to comment...

  2. thank you Sobriety Girl

    would be great if she read it...I doubt whether she would be able to respond publicly to it

    imagine the mystic cyber reality crunch with the overload of Lady Ga Ga fans, arriving here and looking around going WTF is this....
    Ha HA

  3. If anyone had told me that I was going to gladly give up a couple of hours of my valuable free time to analysis the music videos of, and read, and think about Lady GaGa this weekend, I would have LAUGHED IN THEIR FACE - but what a couple of fascinating articles, both by Vigilant Citizen, and Mystic Cyber Crow.

    It had very recently been encroaching upon my consciousness that there was more going on with GaGa than being just another plastic pop princess - I had also started to think of her as pop’s answer to Marilyn Manson (and was looking forward to being the first to make a Manson GaGa reference – but i see Cyber Crow was there before me, as I am sure are many others.)

    I’m still not really a fan of Lady GaGa’s music – but my respect for her as an artist is growing, and I think the video’s, Bad Romance, and especially, Paparazzi are GENIUS! OMFG - I love the Paparazzi video!! Funny, dark, twisted, and yes, symbolic.

    So, Jonas Akerlund, is he MTV’s Alistair Campbell of the illuminati / New World Order / Satanic Mind Control Conspiracy Whatever? Or, is he just your typical Swede? He’s certainly a very established director, doing videos for, amongst others; Madonna, Smashing Pumpkins, Metallica, Jamiroqui, and Roxette - and some of his videos are frankly, TOUGH (Smashing Pumpkin’s Try, Try, Try – for example. Be warned it’s grim, grim viewing)

    I’d guess my own astrology isn’t so very far away from Jonas’ – what with having Moon, Neptune, Jupiter, and the Ascendant in Scorpio – so maybe that’s why I feel a bit of a resonance with most his work (..?). I’d certainly be capable of chucking the occasional cut shot of a goat’s head into a GaGa video – but I’m not an initiate into any global conspiracy – I’d just enjoy toying with the imagery. Probably the same reason why Jonas is wearing a Venom t-shirt with a reverse pentacle – because that old 80s metal stuff is, well, .. funny. Remember playing records backwards to hear messages from Satan? How we laughed.

    BUT ALSO, isn’t the Paparazzi video just a great metaphor for shamanic transformation. ?

    I suspect the truth is we project our darkness onto external structures – whether those structures are friends, lovers, family, bosses, churchs, or the fabric of society. It’s not real, it’s a game. Get involved, immerse yourself in it, enjoy, and let the process transform you.

    Vigilant Citizen –what a fun site! I could even be tempted to post on their forums... thanks for highlighting it Cyber Crow.

    One of many forum comment posted on Vigilant Citizen, that made me chuckle;

    “Just looking at the pictures…i can tell that girl’s video was demonic”