Saturday, 13 February 2010

Blessing The Tiger

The new moon on Valentine’s Day 2010 heralds the beginning of the Tiger Year in the lunar-based Chinese calendar.

The Sun, Moon, Neptune and Chiron are all in conjunction today, suggesting a year of extreme sensitivity and responsiveness in the atmosphere of human society.

The planet Neptune has completed one orbit since its discovery in 1846. Neptune is the god of the Ocean, the collective soul of dreams and eternity, where separation is lost, where we merge, get lost, sacrifice ourselves and experience the intoxication of giving ourselves over to love or ideals.

This is a significant moment in the heart of humanity. What dreams have we realized? What illusions have we lost? Where is our delusion? Can we let go of disillusionment? What new aspirations are seizing us?

In this Year of the Tiger energy can flare up, spread and disseminate quickly; a volatile and exciting year. The dangers of mob emotion are apparent—however, the chance for unexpected abundance is there, if you surrender to the right wave. The opportunities for those who connect to the Zeitgeist are heightened. If your energy is in resonance with the collective soul, your transmissions will flow like ripples on a pond throughout the world.

The Sacred Mayan Calendar day on 14 February (New Year’s Day) is 3 Storm, which again confirms the vitality and movement in an unstable world, as humanity as a single entity is impulsed to shake things up.

Feel into the new moon energy and see what the synchronicities of your day offer you—whatever it is, you can work with it to your advantage. The world has been experiencing some blocks and controls, fears and inhibitions in the last couple of years and the collective pressure is building, so be sensitive to where the dam is leaking. Stay open to the small portal through which your inspiration can flow into the resonant ocean of human hope, faith, idealism, romance, love and yearning.

Neptune and Chiron speak of the pain of impermanence and, at the same time, of a depth of divinely felt connection to the timeless truth of love in all its forms. Be clear in your soul—life is an extraordinary mystery, for in that mystery is the fertility of an ever-giving, ever-present cornucopia of miracles.

By the grace of the outrageous outlandish ineffability, may it be your year.

To read more, see this piece I wrote in January.

What a fabulous picture of the Tiger by Westley Hargrave

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