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Carrying on with the hominoid enquiry of the last few days…

A Quick Rant and a Little Sidetrack

People do not like evidence that is too perfect, that is the other strange thing, we kind of feel that if it perfect then it is likely to be fake, we expect some fuzziness.

This Warrants Some Attention.

Look at this picture above, it’s pretty interesting it is supposed to be of an alien female…of course it might be fake…possibly, that’s the trouble with all of the disinformation and cynicism in the environment, one has to have an element of doubt.

One cannot be like a cherry picked television expert and espouse with absolute authority that one knows without a shadow of a doubt no.. one has to be more refined, more cultured, far superior to those arse^^^^…I am sorry just looking through the ridiculous rebuttals—from supposed intellectuals—of anything that does not fit inside the brainframe of their limited experience is enough to make you lose it once in a while. I feel like I am expressing some frustration on behalf of the many serious, patient and careful people who devote their lives to all sorts of research and do not get their work recognized

I find her compelling by the way…the alien lady, real or not?
here is a two part video analysis

well, pretty interesting...?

Anyway Back To Hominoids

The Minnesota Iceman

A hominoid creature or early apeman frozen in a block of ice and displayed at state fairs from 1967

Read here

Read What Eyewitnesses Have To Say From from Angel Fire link below

"In 1967 or 1968 I attended the Minnesota State Fair. There, for 50 cents, you could get a very good close up of the creature in the block. At that time I was so close to it that I could, and I did touch the block of ice. The man there said the body was found up in Northern Minnesota. The creature I saw was very real, you could see the one hand very well, and some of the upper body. The rest of the body was in a fog of ice. But I remeber the hand most of all. This was not a made up thing, no one could make a hand that perfectly. What I saw that day was very real". J.P.

"I saw the Iceman in 1968-69 at the State fair of Texas. My sister and I viewed the exhibit at great length. I remember being greatly intrigued by this "caveman" frozen in a block of ice. The image that sticks out in my mind is the bloody wound where the right eye would have been". Anonymous.

"I'm originally from Waterloo, Iowa and now live in Cumberland, WI. I am 41 years old. I saw your Iceman back in 1973 on display at the National Dairy CattleCongress, fair in that block of ice as a 14 year old boy. It cost me five dollars to look at this bigfoot. The more I looked at this bigfoot in a block of ice, the more I believed it not to be a fake. I went back two more times with my friends to see. They said to me it was real too. I hope this helps you". M.A.

this is from AngelFire comes with a timeline read it here

here is another perspective

and here is Wikipedia


The waters get muddied with misinformation, that much is obvious as you plough through the data field, so obviously deliberately twisted, which in itself tells us elements within the establishment are hiding something. The involvement of the FBI and the Smithsonian Institute in the affair is not exactly reassuring me that the truth of the situation has been reported.

The Minnesota Iceman was it real? some intelligent people saw it first hand and thought it was, including Ivan Sanderson, Lloyd Pye and many others...........?

Another Story

Here below is Fox news doing its usual crap, tell me is that not just a deliberately twisted report, ha ha ha funny funny what a bunch of fantasists..ha ha big foots, aliens, ghosts la la la la jeeeez!
so how silly are all these hundreds of thousands of people , how many people did they interview, how many people actually said "well you never know.. I might like to hear the actual report without your stupid grinning sarcasm "...or is the world really populated with that many morons?

...there must be intelligent life on Earth?

I tell you what, how about hearing from a nice sober renowned English lady and hearing her viewpoint on Yeti and cousins... an introduction from Wikipedia

Dame Valerie Jane Morris Goodall, DBE (born 3 April 1934), is an English UN Messenger of Peace, primatologist, ethologist, and anthropologist. She is well-known for her 45-year study of chimpanzee social and family interactions in Gombe Stream National Park, Tanzania, and for founding the Jane Goodall Institute.

Listen to what she has to say...

I am clear they exist, these creatures are seen by real people and some of the evidence is real proof, not all of the footprints, recorded sounds, you tube videos and accounts of contact from hundreds of years are faked or fantasy.

Here is a selection of anecdotal reports-from crystal links -concerning the Yeti, the Abominable Snowman..."a humanlike monster whose tracks have been discovered in the frigid lands of perpetual snow in the Himalayan regions of India, Nepal, and Tibet"

1913 - A group of Chinese hunters reportedly wounded and captured a hairy man-like creature, that the locals soon named the "snowman". This creature was supposedly kept captive in Patang at Sinkiang province for a period of five months until it died. It was described as having a black monkey-like face and large body covered with silvery yellow hair several inches long; it's hands and feet were man-like and the creature was incredibly strong.

1914 - J. R. P. Gent, a British forestry officer stationed in Sikkim, wrote of discovering footprints of what must have been a huge and amazing creature.

1921 - Members of a British expedition (led by Col. Howard-Bury) climbing the north face of Mount Everest sighted some dark figures moving around on a snowfield above them. When the explorers reached the spot, at some 17,500 feet, the creatures were not there but had left behind some huge, humanlike footprints in the snow.

1923 - Major Alan Cameron, with the Everest Expedition of that year, observed a line of huge and dark creatures moving along a cliff face high above the snowline. Pictures of the creatures' tracks were taken two days later, when the expedition reached the area where they were seen.

1925 - A Greek photographer and member of the Royal Geographical Society named N. A. Tombazi glimpsed a creature he later described as "exactly like a human being, walking upright and stopping occasionally to uproot or pull some dwarf rhododendron bushes." Tombazi, who was at about 15,000 feet up in the mountains, later reached the spot where he sighted the creature, only to also find some intriguing tracks in the snow.

1936 - An expedition led by H. W. Tilman found strange footprints in the snow by the outer reaches of the snowline on the slopes approaching Mount Everest.

1937 - Returning from a campaign in Tibet, British explorer Frank Smythe relayed several reports of strange hairy wildmen made by the native Sherpas and Tibetans. He also claimed to have personally seen tracks of the creature at the 14,000-foot level.

1938 - The Yeti emerges as creatures of kindness and sympathy according to the story of Captain d'Auvergne, the curator of the Victoria Memorial near Chowringhee in Calcuta. The Captain claims that, injured while traveling on his own in the Himalayas and threatened with snow-blindness and exposure, he was saved from death by a 9 foot tall creature resembling a pre-historic human which, after carrying him several miles to a cave, fed and nursed him until he was able to make his way back home.

1942 - Slavomir Rawicz best selling book, The Long Walk published in 1952, telling how he and six friends escaped from a Siberian war camp and made their way to freedom in India by crossing the Himalayas describes an encounter with two 8 foot tall creatures somewhere between Bhutan and Sikkim. According to Slavomir, he and his companions watched the outsized beasts for over 2 hours, from a distance of 100 yards.

1948 - Norwegian uranium prospector Jan Frostis claimed he was attacked by one of two Yetis he stumble upon near Zemu Gap, in Sikkim. His shoulder was badly mangled and he required extensive medical treatment to recover from his lesions.

1949 - A Sherpa named Tenzing claimed to have seen playing in the snow near a monastery. This was the same Sherpa that shared the fame of Sir Edmund Hillary in the first successful ascent of Mount Everest.

1950 - A patch of skin and a mummified finger and thumb were found in the Himalayan mountains. Zoologists and anthropologists considered the fragments to be "almost human" and "similar in some respects to that of Neanderthal man" even though they could not be associated to any known living species.

1951 - The Everest Reconnaissance Expedition (organized to evaluate routes for an attempt to ascend Everest) encountered fresh tracks at 18,000 feet. During the following months, several additional sightings of Yeti tracks were reported.

1953 - New Zealander Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay spot giant footprints during their conquest of Mount Everest.

there are plenty of modern reports, I have read hundreds online...

Why Is Big Foot Fuzzy?

One perspective that is aired in the Big Foot forums is that the elusive nature of the animal means it is not a physical being.
There are many reported experiences throughout the world where people encounter all manner of trickster creatures often with red, orange or yellow glowing eyes.
Have you seen the Mothman Prophecy with Richard Gere?
A good film actually… based on real events, they even erected a statue in the town...

...similar occurrences have taken place all over the world throughout history and in modern times… again… the data is overwhelming.

The basic phenomenon often distorts the fabric of time/space and includes intrusive psychic events.
Some of the Big Foot reports may well fall into this category as do a larger percentage of Extra Terrestrial encounters, but not all, no way.

There is a vast amount of documentation of visceral non psychic meetings with hominoids that is impressive and consistent.

I conclude, my position, at this point in time is that there are physical hominoids on Earth.

Agreements Make Reality.

I also suggest that the collective consciousness interferes—through subversion, filtration and psychic walls—with the manifest proof, the accepted evidence needed.
Consciousness is the dominant determiner, Big Foot exists but it is out of the frequency of consensual agreement.

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