Wednesday, 17 February 2010

It Is Time

Multiple Timelines Converge into this Moment

Welcome to the Year of the Tiger.

The correlation between the lunar calendar and the weather is pretty accurate here in Hong Kong. The temperature dropped quite radically, as is often the case in the last few days leading up to the Chinese New Year new moon, and it rained as well, which is good luck in this tradition, as rain is money. I go with that.

I sold a painting on New Year’s Day—Cave Wall—which reflects my feeling of late of being in the flow of things. My paintings express my investigations into the nature of reality and evolution.

To evaluate the nature of human evolution on the deepest level, we need to explore our relationship with time.

As I often emphasize, the question of how we evolve depends on our picture of the past. The past is normally thought of as straight line running backwards on a flat plane. Einstein’s physics, though, tells us that time and space are one fabric and that fabric is not flat—it’s lumpy and it’s curved. Linear time is a limited perspective and is an assumption of present-day historians, archaeologists and evolutionary theorists. The lumps and curves of time–space mean we cannot see that far back—the horizon of the past is not an eternal flat landscape.

When writing my first book, The 21st Century Book of the Dead, I was researching the work of Nikola Tesla and had an altered-state connection to him, an interaction with the spirit of Tesla. I do not think it was his ghost who came to visit me as such; rather, I received a transmission from his soul.

The message I received from him was this:
“Time decays over time.”

This I understood instantly. The future is an increasing variable. We have a good idea of the potentials and outcomes of tomorrow (most of the time), but the further we look into the future the more unpredictable eventualities are. In this regard, the ancient past is similar to the future, especially if we go back thousands of years. The past becomes increasingly variable.

Is the past fixed? Can history be a variable? Does history not just look different, but is it different, depending upon our consciousness? How absolute is the reality of Atlantis, for example?

The cataclysm of around 10,000–12,000 BCE is a particularly potent and obvious point of historical decay and is the source of the veil to Atlantis. If the history of Atlantis is shrouded by heavy mists of perception, does it mean that Atlantis has more than one single definable timeline of events?

Memory Blocks Change the Past
Immanuel Velikovsky proposed something that really struck a chord with me—collective amnesia encoded into our DNA caused by the shock of a planetary disaster as little as 2,500 years ago; an emotional block, a veil to the past.

Time decaying over time suggests there are ‘reality splits’ in our past, caused by collective emotionally charged moments that affect time–space.

Real time is connected to mind and emotion; we all experience that phenomenon every day in a small way. Time is in fact constructed by mind and emotion; time is a product of mind.

My major meditation and contemplation on time over the last 10 years or more suggests a bifurcation of time that underpins parallel realities. In science fiction and even theoretical physics (Stephen Hawkings’ Multiverse, for example), this is a fairly prevalent consideration.

On an everyday level, nobody experiences linear time to the extent the clock does. Our emotional state slows and speeds our time experience. More dramatically, as we get older, time speeds up; our experience of time is poles apart from that of a child.

Emotions are interconnected with our biochemical state, but are not locked inside the physical body, nor locked to linear time. Emotions are centred in the emotional body, which transcends tick-tock time. When you have a fantasy, a dream, or feel really excited, your experience is nonlinear. This is something we all experience. The empirical evidence of emotional states is that they take place in a far more fluid state of matter than the mechanical universe.

The esoteric traditions—backed up by the personal testimonies of numerous people who have had out-of-body experiences—state quite clearly that the nature of time in the astral body is of a different order to that of the linear time of the clock.

To this we must add that the nature of space is also very different in the astral realms. Ghosts can walk through physical walls and through people because in the emotional and astral realms there are lateral dimensions to space.

The brain wave activity of young children is in the alpha, delta and theta regions. Their experience of time is almost ‘timeless’ compared to ours as they are not yet fully in their bodies. Young children have invisible friends, for example, because their experiences are still based in the astral realms. They are effectively transcending the linear time frame of the physical world.

As we grow through childhood, we move into greater density and experience more of the corresponding stability of tick-tock time. Early childhood is the dreamlike experience of more than one simultaneous reality, albeit parallel and interlocking realities, through a range of densities.

Refining Consciousness through Involvement with Density
Even if the meatpack has evolved in linear time to the extent that consciousness arises from it, out from the body, we still have to consider the issue of consciousness existing beyond linear time and then the way in which consciousness enters into the evolving physicality.

Evolution is the emergence and unfoldment that takes place in linear time. The ‘descension’ of consciousness into this realm from higher dimensions, beyond linear time and space, is what I term ‘involution’.

We live in a time on Earth when evolution is waking up to itself and preparing to experience an Omega Point, a convergence on this planet as evolution and involution meet, the awakening of immanence on Earth.

In 1994 I experienced an aspect of my soul from another star system and time frame converging into myself in this density. It was an exhilarating 20 minutes where I knew what was going on, but my mind was held in freeze frame. While I was in this alpha (or deeper) state, I was simultaneously—and very actively—sculpting an enormous and quite beautiful alien head out of a large bag of clay, representative of this other aspect of self.

Multidimensional Time–Space Travellers

Different universal time frames or planetary time–space experiences are compartmentalized by consciousness.

UFOs, for example, are able to jump time because they are not held back by our own planetary consciousness. Those involved in interstellar travel have a trans-planetary consciousness and are effectively time-travelling as much as they are travelling in space.

The Strata of Development

Geosphere→Biosphere (Gaia) →Noosphere/Technosphere (Human world) →Toroidal Energy Sphere (Timeship Earth)

On planet Earth we are approaching planetary membership—the global village, Internet linkup and the emergence of greater interconnection of government and marketplace.

Mystic Cyber Crow’s ongoing enquiry into the nature of evolution will involve connecting the new systemic understandings of science, such as James Lovelock’s Gaia hypothesis of the natural world as a complex singular system and Howard Bloom’s Global Brain, which outlines the evolution of mass mind arising up from the interconnected data transference within Earth’s bacterial system. More pertinently, we will also be looking at the concept of the Noosphere, attributable to eminent Russian scientist Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky and developed by French scientist, philosopher and Jesuit priest, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (conceiver of the Omega Point).*

Once we get to understand the Noosphere, the mental envelope of all human thought, we are in the area where developmental psychology, aspects of spirituality, the nature of time and our relationship with time all begin to interconnect with the so-called hard sciences.

Timeship Earth

The recognition of the Noosphere is one small step away from seeing the whole Earth as a four-dimensional being; a living energy field that encompasses all human activity, product and history, as well the natural world (the Gaian system).

The next fundamental shift of science, from the paradigm of materialism within time–space, is to an energy field paradigm beyond linear time. The shift involves seeing the whole before the parts; the application of whole systems, which then changes how we see all parts of the Earth system, be that the atom, the body, human society or the natural world. A full recognition of time–space as a whole, rather than seeing time and space as separate, will therefore redefine time and matter.

The Earth and the human species have not always existed in the same density of matter that we experience today. The Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime, for instance, talks of a different order of reality. The emergent planetary consciousness of the future is the return of the Dreamtime on another level of consciousness.

Time and space are fluid entities, as is matter, as is history. Time decays over time.

* However, it seems likely that Vernadsky himself developed his concept of the Noosphere way beyond what he wrote about academically


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    Soooo pretty...
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