Saturday, 6 February 2010

What is the Story of Human Evolution?

The Big Foot/Yeti/Sasquatch Research on Mystic Cyber Crow

Hominoids? My Conclusion Thus Far...

I conclude, my position, at this point in time is that there are physical hominoids on Earth.

Agreements Make Reality

I also suggest that the collective consciousness interferes—through subversion, perception filtration and psychic walls—with the manifest proof, the evidence needed for acceptance.

Consciousness is the dominant determiner, Big Foot exists but it is out of the frequency of consensual agreement.

Minnesota Iceman (see last blog)

In the case of the Minnesota Iceman, an apelike man that exhibited in state fairs in America, it looks like we have a genuine artifact. We have a creature that was shot and was found in ice, then made available for public examination, which was later replaced by a wax replica.

The question then arises, what was it?
A, he was a Neanderthal
B, he was one of the five known hominoid species
C, he was both

If The Answer Is C?

Houston we’ve got a problem, Richard Dawkins is out of a job, all of those nice drawings that show the gradual development of Homo sapiens need to be reviewed, the Discovery Channel needs to chuck some stuff out of its archives, and also it looks like maybe McDonalds are not the only ones selling indigestible Big Whoppers.
Actually even if the answer is A or B we still have the same problem

This leaves us with big questions and it is here we have to really start an inquiry, and get more sophisticated.


Michael Cremo (with Richard Thompson) examined the archaeological records in an eight year field study, and then wrote a 900 page academic book, called Forbidden Archaeology. Many of those in the fossil community went APE—it caused a STORM. I read the abridged version a few years ago The Hidden History of The Human Race.

A Stroke of Genius Combined with Academic Concentration

Michael took the flak, and then wrote a 500 page book called Forbidden Archaeology’s Impact, I have it here. In this book he answers all of the intelligent criticisms one by one. Outstanding!
People had to take notice and he made presentations all around the world to the more liberal universities. The research suggests that anatomically modern humans have existed for millions of years—no gradual evolution.

Terrestrial, Plus?

Lloyd Pye on the other hand who has been studying the genetic findings concludes that there has been an intervention by another species in our evolution. Actually not just an intervention in the human DNA but also an intervention in domesticated crops and domesticated animals.


Because the mythology of many indigenous peoples from around the world tells us that the Gods gave humanity farming and cattle.

More Than That…

The Sumerian text, interpreted by the Hebrews-via Babylon from the Epic of Gilgamesh- is known as Genesis aka Chapter One of the Bible,it says the gods, plural, made man in their image.

The Bible asserts that the Elohim said: “Let us fashion the Adam in our image and after our likeness.” Zecharia Sitchin

Loose Ends?

Once we have established the doubt then we can be fair and listen to the consensual view and utilize the expertise of Geneticists, archaeologists and other conventional evolutionists. We then have to see if we can find the intersections between the science of Richard Dawkins and the mainstream with the research of Michael Cremo and with Lloyd Pye and others.

The terrain is wide open and very interesting, finally the public debate can move on from the late 19th Century between Neo Darwinism and Fundamental Religion, because essentially that is where evolutionary theory seems stuck.


  1. What if D - the creature in the ice block is a massively co-incidental arrangement of moss and algae.

    Then we would have to completely rethink botany.

  2. Regarding 'evolution'. I concur with Frank R Wallace when he says the last leap in human evolution - consciousness - was 'invented' by we humans. We didn't evolve from bicameral beings but we 'leaped' the quantum space into consciousness due to our brain's extraordinary creative capacity to invent or create under enormous survival pressures. This next leap - the discovery that the brain is a reality integrating organ and not a reality creating tool. Consciousness seems to supercede evolution, certainly once it's truly awakened anyhow.