Monday, 1 March 2010

Healing The Self

“Hey Crow Boy, where does healing fit into your fancy-pants evolutionary map?”

My position when talking about healing oneself is that it is primarily about forgiveness, which involves some release of old energy and some resolution of issues. It comes to a point in life, though, where one appreciates the wounds, the collateral damage of life, as that which has given us the quirks and twists in our psyche that fully colour our character.

The excellent, eloquent and perfectly disturbing Marilyn Manson below:

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There is also something to be said for rejoicing in our weirdness.

Ram Dass

“It is important to expect nothing, to take every experience, including the negative ones, as merely steps on the path, and to proceed.”

Baba Ram Dass, aka Richard Alpert, went through a wide range of life trips, starting with the psychological paradigm, which he called a theatre, then on to becoming an acid-head explorer, then further on to the holiness of Indian mysticism. As he matured, he then became a more irreverent version of himself. As a role-playing guru later in life, he stated “There is nowhere to stand,” in other words, there is no absolute fixed position to take. In one enlightening and amusing recording, Ram Dass talked about how you don’t really get rid of anything; that the therapist trip is effective only up to a point.

To quote him as I remember it, he said “Nowadays, when sexual perversion comes to visit me, I say ‘Hello, old friend. Come and sit down and have a cup of tea.’”

The Mystic’s Journey in the Theatre of Life
There comes a stage in our healing journey where we are not so identified with our adversities and imperfections, not so ruled by them nor trying that hard to get rid of them. We become more accepting, as we open up to a larger view and a whole new level of Enchantment that exists in the flow of paradox flow.

Moving into the heart, we accept life for its majesty. Life is far bigger than us, beyond our control, forever ongoing. Life is an adventure of consciousness.


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