Thursday, 5 August 2010

Clean Free Energy

Brian has confirmed a few details for me, the dialogue is ongoing.

Amongst other things I now know that the town is a 25 minute walk from MontesueƱos, or a $3 taxi ride, which is perfect and the two day hike in Podocarpus is very do-able. Most importantly though is that Brian can talk to us and give us the wisdom of his inside knowledge on the subject of free energy. I will get onto free energy in a moment. First I want to keep enjoying the beauty of nature, above is a picture of the cloud forest mountains above Vilcabamba, The clouds rarely clear from the mountains in the Podocarpus National Park.

I was delighted to hear Brian at the end of his Zurich interactive workshop (embedded below) where he discusses the energy solution with scientists, engineers and others say this…

The Human software solution of consciousness (and the software solution is the solution to global problems including the energy/environment) is through relatively small numbers of people coming together, (and accessing consciousness)... and they can perform miracles.

This is such a wonderful confirmation for me personally. My intent with the Enchantments Initiative fits perfectly and I feel is destined to be anchored at MontesueƱos.

The Incredible Truths of New Energy

The importance of raising awareness of the availability of clean virtually free energy cannot be over emphasized as an element of consciousness shift towards Chiron Enchantment, as well as a values shift to a humanitarian society that is truly abundant and more egalitarian. The manifestation of new energy is directly linked to a new economic system and more fluent energy throughout the world.

Dr Stephen Greer the leading light of the Disclosure Project, has interviewed over 400 top level officials and has access to those with direct knowledge of the reality of the extra terrestrial presence. The agenda of the project has been for a full disclosure and the priority for Dr Greer now is free energy. Here is a quick intro to the Orion Project the free energy arm of his organization.

ET and UFOs are naturally aligned with what some might consider to be the science fiction potentials of free energy and the incredible knock on effects and positive implications there after. The reverse engineering of alien craft by human covert ops, their evident superluminal capacity all lead us to new types of energy. It is not an exaggeration to suggest that a shift of how we use energy can liberate humanity to the next level of a vastly more conscious civilization. Dr Greer and Brian walk in the worlds of consciousness and new emerging sciences and do not see these as separate paradigms. The present level of our species consciousness is awakening to new scripts that come with a willingness to receive, rather than be tied up struggling with archaic labour driven systems that belong to a low level order of species evolution. These issues become transparent with a deep understanding of the Enchantments and the self perpetuating nature of reality. What is more this is accessible and fun when you get into it, and see it as part of Earths awakening.

Zurich Interactive Workshop below

HERE IS Brian giving a workshop in Zurich in 2009, dealing with difficult issues. Very relevant to our discussions.

Here is Brian being interviewed by Project Camelot

If you go onto Orion Project website you can watch further introductory videos with Dr Greer such as;

The Transition: A discussion of issues surrounding the transition to a clean energy society. (4:39) How long and how could this happen? My research suggest that 2025-2030 as Chiron returns to its discover position it becomes possible and imperative that we do make the transition.

The Suppression: A discussion of the suppression of clean energy technologies historically (7:22)

In Contrast Our Trip to a South American Place of Tranquility 2011...

Now you might not have the desire or the time to look at the very worldy and even multidimensional reality of the control agenda and the suppression of the free energies that would change the world and the environmental issue in a very short time—that’s okay.

The agenda of the Enchantments agenda is connect in with that control frequency but to operate above that frequency and create a subtle consciousness that is none the less influential. To reinforce what I say about the meeting in Ecuador and the Enchantments Initiative is the consciousness will be born from enjoyment, creativity, talking, imagination and accessing your energy field to vitalize yourself.

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