Friday, 30 July 2010

The Trip to Ecuador

Who’s coming?

So far Rachel, Alison, Elaine, Melody, Dominic, Kookie and Karenanne have said they would like to come with Carey and me, we are looking at a gathering of about twenty people. There are also quite a few more people I will approach directly.

Now let’s see if we can make it happen. I am sharing the process with you as it unfolds.

I have emailed Brian and Meredith and am awaiting their reply. We fly to Quito, and then there is a 50 minute flight to Loja, followed by a scenic taxi ride for 90 minutes to Montesueños.

My initial thoughts are an approximate two week stay, with time for walking in the spectacular surrounding landscape, such as hiking the beautiful Hacienda San Joaquin ridge trail, about four hours. For those who are interested in making some effort we have access to one of the most spectacular environments, the Podocarpus Park, my intention at this stage is to see if we can factor in a two day hike into the rain forest, at the end of the stay? This would be an unforgettable adventure in this sumptuous diverse biological preserve.

During my energy practice this morning in the hills overlooking the seas I had the inspiration to go in mid April next year, 260 days after The Statement of Intent of yesterday. I will just hold that idea for now.

Any research, suggestions and input you have are most welcome to help us all realize this trip.

Seeding an Independent International Visionary Initiative

The energy of Montesueños thanks to the work of the very special hosts Brian and Meredith is totally conducive for some breakthrough visions about our world.

The Subjects we are likely to cover in the framework of The Enchantments of Life will probably include, to a lesser or greater degree.

Psychology, developmental levels and childhood consciousness, human aura, energy fields, chakras and most relevantly the noosphere and the awakening earth.

World demographics and cultural change, new economic systems, power and values, control and spontaneous emergence.

Big Foot and other crpytozoological phenomena, Extra-terrestrials and UFOs, crop circles, the trickster spirits and shamanism, free energy, conspiracy, human origins, ancient history, evolution and the nature of time.

Paradox, perception, reality tunnels and of course consciousness
Film as myth, the nature of how we create reality, contracts, life purpose, law of and attraction/sympathetic resonance.

Plus, if there is the space I will teach those that are interested the very simple but powerful chigong style energy practice I do myself. We will also do some yoga nidra relaxation meditative vision journeys.

The idea is not to wrap up the mystery of a life with a solution, but to ask new and intelligent questions, to see what innovating questions we can come up with and evoke an energy of benevolent abundance.

I will be endeavouring to get available to you as much material as possible, for free, in the months leading up to the adventure, including appropriate online videos so that we have done 101 preparation and can get into the creative space together. This will be a long short stay, we can cover a lot of ground in a relaxed manner in two weeks if there is some preparatory reading, which I will supply, combined with the viewing of some key videos.
But anyway back to the experience

The towns people of Vilcabamba are friendly and used to gringos, the population is just under 5,000 nearly a fifth are foreigners who are mainly from the USA.

Options during the stay may well include yoga, use of the meditation tower, a horse ride for those who wish to, local restaurants, the night life is gentle but there is live music in El Punto restaurant/bar and a Saturday night disco at the Iguana Disco Café (!), bike riding, and the amazing birdlife in the valley of longevity. Probably best of all the evening chill outs under the stars at Montesueños

The cost from London including accommodation is going to be over a thousand pounds, now take a deep breath, and stay with me on this.
The money you will be finding and spending demands a complete experience that you will never forget, let us, make it so.

The experience will start proper about six weeks beforehand online, so we get to know a little bit about each other and get a grounding in the material, this ensures that we all get maximum benefit.

If you know the right people, let them know…
To be continued

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