Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Vitalizing the Adventure

Here is a quick introduction to one of the major and the most cohesive elements of the Enchantments of Life, it directly connects the emergent big picture with your intimate immediate reality. (This gives you a flavour of some of that which we will be exploring in Ecuador next year, the structure is coming together, see the provisional idea at the end of this piece )

The Multi-Faceted Reality

Truths are multiplying, there are an increasing amount of seductive perspectives in our world as the internet allows more people to have their say. How do we to navigate the relativity of truth, is there a hierarchy of truth or are all truths equal?
Here is the enigmatic Robert Anton Wilson talking about perceptions and relativity and our reality tunnels, 2minutes long.

The spectrum of light is analogous to a hierarchy of consciousness and truth. White light is the whole and is representative of the greatest truth. The rainbow is a spectrum of frequencies starting with red, going up the scale to violet, to this we can add infra red and ultra violet.

The wisdom we derive from ancient cultures such as the Hindus tells us that the chakras correspond with the hierarchy of the spectrum of light. The base chakra resonates with Red and the Crown chakra resonates with the white light that all other colour frequencies are derived from.

The Evolution of Consciousness—Back to the White Light

The One begets the Two the Two begets the Three and the Three begets the many, Lao Tzu describes creation the ‘fall’ of the unity of life into entropy. The process of creation from one is also the involution of consciousness from spirit-unity into matter. The return journey of consciousness is the evolution, or adventure of consciousness from the many back to one.

The thinking in many integral circles is that individual human development and cultural development—the upward progression of the frequency of consciousness—mirrors the incremental movement up the spine. The journey of the life force, the kundalini is impulsed to move towards the brilliant white light of the void.

In general terms I agree and it is intuitively correct that the evolution of consciousness is the move from base chakra; physical survival consciousness to second chakra; emotional needs, to solar plexus; ego survival, competition and expression to heart chakra relationship; feeling connection, emotional intelligence to throat chakra; abstract self expression and complex communication to Brow chakra; reality perception and fusion relationship, to Crown chakra; unity with creation.

During the 1990s and early part of the 2000s I was a practicing shamanic healer and light body activator, over the course of a decade I gained a direct connection with the energy field and the chakra levels in people’s bodies. The connection to the energy field was integrated with my daily practices of shamanic-chi gong that sometimes took up to 3 hours of the early morning. What I found most clearly—and as I say this hopefully you will recognize it as obvious—that we are operating from and through more than one chakra.

I found that in most people, including myself that we had two dominant chakra centres, one higher, one lower as well as lesser levels of expression throughout all chakras. My personal breakthrough, during my practice that defines my own life purpose and message was due to the connection to the planetary energy field and emerging new Earth Consciousness.

The work of Dr Clare Graves (pioneering genius behind Spiral Dynamics), whose background training included physiological psychiatry was that as we move through the stages of development (individually and correspondingly with the collective cultural progression) we build a layering of chemical complexity. The chemicals that he was talking about correspond to the endocrine glands which are the physical aspect of the chakras—the spinning vortexes of light.

The progression of truth, consciousness and perception involves a more complex and non linear activation of the chakras whilst still retaining the integrity of the basic vertical move towards the Crown Chakra.

The Enchantments of Life integrates the energy field, with an emerging understanding of the complex layering of our electro-chemical body, with developmental psychology, cultural development and the spiritual wisdom traditions and looks to integrate the mysteries of advanced ancient civilizations to reveal a hierarchy of truth and perspective.

Ecuador Update

The Ecuador adventure will include an emphasis on directly working with and learning to navigate the frequencies of light and consciousness in your own body and energy field.

I will be giving a refined and practical demonstration on how the emerging noosphere/planetary energy field is interconnected and experienced in your body.

I am dialoguing with Brian, working on the course structure and costs over this week.
The basic layout of our time together will look like this, subject to adjustmenst at this stage but here it is shaping up.

Your arrival can be at any time leading up to the Monday

Monday April 25th Opening
Formal welcome, Intent and Energy Practice,
Walk in afternoon, even short walks take you up to a high altitude, getting to know each other with profundities and laughter

Tuesday 26th Vitality at Hand
Energy practice,Yoga nidra visionary journey, First lecture on subtle physiology, energy fields, electro-chemical nature of the body and followed by interactive explorations, questions and debate

Wednesday 27th The Self
Psychology, Developmental levels, childhood, personal life chapters

Thursday 28th Advanced Overview of Enchantments of Life Model
The Story of Humanity and the big questions, ancient history global dynamics
Demographics, politics, economics, nationalism and controls

Friday 29th Clear Day
Optional clear day for massages, horse riding, cycling, chilling out or join me for a 4 hour walk on the Hacienda San Joaquin ridge trail

Saturday 30th Wild Things
The Contentious Areas, from ET to big foot to beyond
Visit to the Iguana Disco Café and/or restaurant bar in the evening

Sunday May 1st The Enchantments of Life
Going deeper, creating questions, practices and interactive debate

Monday 2nd As Above So Below,
Back to you, your attention and you as a fractal of the Emerging Earth

Tuesday 3rd Our Future
Yoga nidra visionary journey, life purpose, law of attraction, evolution and mystical existentialism. How much do we create?
Optional early morning practice today and other days

Evening, I will talk about The Enchantments Initiative, over a meal and a glass of wine

4 days optional, 1-2 day walk into the extraordinary Podocarpus Park
One to one sessions with me

A lovely blog here with great pictures and personal perspective from some travellers in the area.

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