Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Walking Forward - Slowly but Surely

Having spent a few weeks immersed in a state more akin to ordinary reality, hanging out with people living within the normal world, I am reminded of the essential goodness of human beings, regardless of their value system.

Many people working deep within the corporate structure are aware of the discordance that is arising within the world — their world. The environmental issue is one obvious disturbance within consensual reality. Further to this, conversations I have had reveal that many bankers and lawyers are aware the business practices of the monoliths they work for are despicable.

The sobering truth is that once you have a family and a general dependency upon a certain income and live within a social group, it is unthinkable to leave it. Where can you go? How can you earn any sort of living that can support your life and those you love? How can you retain your friends and social reality?

Likewise, once a person has become part of the alternative humanitarian-based movement, you have joined a mindset that has its own certainties and laws of membership. Healers have to remain bright and light, yogis have to radiate purity, meditators have to remain transcendental and conspiracy researchers have to remain dark and cynical.

To talk about the complexity of our species' dynamics is neither welcome nor appropriate, for the subject brings truth that people do not yet need, nor that is yet visible. The complex truth plants the seed for the death of one's identity and undermines the survival mechanism and coping system in place that maintain daily living.

We all need to survive and maintain an underlying story that supports the life we are living. Each story has its own consistency within its contextual boundaries. The consensual materialistic world is intellectually self-consistent; the alternative world is emotionally self-consistent. If someone is to take on a more sophisticated perception, based on the multilevelled nature of human beings, they are effectively casting themselves into a virtual desert. To speak of the paradoxical dynamics of individuals and societies, nations and mindsets is to appear confused to those who need their certainties. Yet I also must find more alliances if I am to survive and fulfil my role.

I am not here to enforce change upon those who are not already changing. I am one of those people looking to facilitate understanding and clarity for those whose identities are either moving towards post-corporate, post-new age and post hard-line conspiracy, or are already there, adapting to that which is given, whilst creating that which can be created.

The work of the Enchantments is closest to education; therefore, like all education, it is not commercially viable but does need subsidizing. The workshops I have done up to now have been 101 affairs, necessarily watered down due to constraints of time, and at the same time nonprofitable, even subsidized by other monies.

I walk forward with a spirit of adventure and plenty of uncertainty, but with an underlying sense of faith.

Meet you at the oasis.


  1. Yes, dependency on...(desires). Once you give up on your own life, everything changes... You become finally free, without any limitations.

  2. Hello Milan Am timing of your comment was most fortuitous as I was looking to finish today's mayan calendar blog and then saw your post. It was the exact sentiment I needed and came as if from heaven.

    See 13 Dog here http://2012hongkong.blogspot.com/

    Thank you, who ever you are