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Watering The Seed and Accomodation

I am gradually forming and adding pages to the Crow, they will be refined and edited properly in time and I am also working on other websites to make as much information as freely available as possible.

Ecuador starts now, please have a shifty at the pages on the right to get more of a sense of The Enchantments Initiative behind the trip.


Day Three of The MontesueƱos Enchantments Project in the land of the Incan royalty

Do You Want Join Us?


I have made contact with Brian this morning on the telephone. He had not received my email, HK emails tend to get put into the spam box. We have agreed to talk next week, there will be no problems in booking space and he said we have plenty of time to work it all out. My intention is to get the basic structures of the trip in place over the next 13 days or so.


I am looking at the end of the last week of April which starts with Easter Monday and the first week of May.
I am delighted with the people who have thus far expressed an interest in the course next year, a good diversity of expression and background.

Stimulating Energy

As part of my research for the trip, I have been looking to get a feeling for the Vilcabamba energy.
MontesueƱos is obviously perfect for an Enchantments of Life course and to anchor what I call The Enchantments Initiative. Apart from the aesthetics of the architecture, the natural beauty of the setting, we have the consciousness of the hosts, artistic, radically scientific, humanitarian, and experienced in the workings of the system from behind the curtain and also warm hearted.

Ecuador is one of the most civilized countries in South America. Vilcabamba specifically is safe, fairly alternative with healers and artists, free spirits that find more room for expression outside of the United States.

Map of South America

Here is a map of Ecuador we are in the state of Loja in the south bordering Peru

here is another one with Vilcabamba shown, drawn on by Brian

The Atmosphere

Consciousness breakthroughs occur when we can release the structures that normally serve us even if this is temporarily, as in a holiday, relaxing and letting of normal concerns allows us to flow in a bigger space within us and this is mirrored by the environment we find ourselves in.

When we open to a new energy we actually move into an inherent structure within that energy. Every place has its feeling, its frequency or energy signature, it is not devoid of structure.
Each environments has it's own unique subtle and exquisitely intricate context, that we can all feel, so part of my job has been to ask whether the Vilcabamba energy would accommodate the intent of the Enchantments.

I have received an overwhelming affirmative response from my internet searches. The people and the place will accommodate us.

The area is not as wild as many parts of South America. The energy of Guatemala, Chiapas in Mexico, from what I hear Bolivia and other parts of South America have that rich dark wild indigenosity. The Indigenous and edgy towns freer the mind for direct experience and you have to keep your wits about you, occult magic tends to be ‘in the air’. That is wonderful, but not the place to simply relax into beauty and be constructively creative. If and when I do some backpacking in South America I will enjoy getting into the more indigenous and rough edged culture, but for what we are going to do the background energy of the Vilcabamba area in Ecuador is perfect.

Vilcabamba transcends normality, from this space we can more easily see the world and with the help of the Enchantments map stay engaged with global consciousness dynamics.

Vilcabamba fromWiki
The area has been referred to as the "Playground of the Inca" which refers to its historic use as a retreat for Incan royalty. The valley is overlooked by a mountain called Mandango, the Sleeping Inca.

Locals assert that it is not uncommon to see a person reach 100 years of age and it is claimed that many have gotten to 120, even up to 135, which would make it an area with the oldest inhabitants in the world. It is often called the Valley of Longevity.

The climate of Vilcabamba is temperate sub-tropical; sometimes proudly referred to by locals as “perpetual spring”.

Here is an excerpt from Vilcabamba resident Jeff Hunter

I have noticed since being at the ranch that I spend more time being fully present. Nothing else exists here except serenity and beauty...all else can be left behind and life begins to be lived from a place of immense freedom from the past and from any expectations about the future. It reminds me of one of my favorite book titles, Freedom From the Known by Krishnamurti. Perhaps it is the immersion in so much nature at one time and the lack of electronic pollution, television, radio, cars, and planes. The silence is stunning. In its embrace, I am whole and home again. In this place, it is possible to discover and celebrate the unity of my existence with that of the infinite creation of which I am a part. From this place of unity, personal expressions can flow effortlessly.

To have finally found the place I can call home is the most wonderful gift of my life. I feel totally at peace here and look forward to sharing my discovery with my closest friends and family. It’s not Vilcabamba by itself, mind you, as wonderful as it is, but the intoxicating combination of a world-class community with a year round temperature range of 60-80 degrees, the sheer majesty of the Andes, the sound of the Vilcabamba River, the butterflies and flowers, an ever changing symphony of clouds and sunlight, and the silence of this peaceful valley that has captured my heart and soul.


So you can see why I will be providing you material to read in the weeks before we go, so that we can have a relaxed course, which is creative rather than heavily educational. By accessing the peaceful energy we can all channel new insights on human evolution, feel and tune into the energies we talk about.

The Enchantments of Life is a organically growing structure, it is a highly sophisticated integral map but an open map, not a map that closes the mind, that actually stimulates new questions.

I expect we will all come away from this experience not only refreshed and feeling somewhat blissful but with a clearer view of our personal lives and purpose in a changing world.

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