Sunday, 8 August 2010

Ecuador ; The Flow of Consciousness

The Enchantments Process for the Interactive Retreat at Montesueños

This cycle of energy flow is based on the organic process of my own experiential research; it is a toroidal loop back from self to society back to self, with self as an intimate expression of the era and quality of the world ERA-ARC.

1. Experience the whole, through One’s Energy Field
2. Refinement of Overall Perspective by examining Enchantments of Life Map
3. Analysis, looking at details until entropy and relativity set in
4. Appropriate Vision, locating the real world challenges
5. Relevancy back to self and one’s own life purpose and your specific role
6. Connection to the Whole, Reconnecting with more clarity to personal energy and experience of life as it is.

1. Accessing the energy field with the understanding that we are fuzzy fractals, holons with a holographic resonance to whole Earth Energy field, yet we have limits to our perspective and energy access due to perceptional filters, beliefs, values and prejudices. Utilizing Chi gong style movement.

2. Refining the perception by examining the structure of the evolution of consciousness—The Enchantments of Life.

3. Honing in on some aspects of the big picture, that excite and pull on the attention and exploring potentials without prejudice or inhibition This is a why post corporate, post new age, easy going non politically correct approach with humour is important. To this we should add that it is easier to be out of the context of the herd mentality and the mass ideological energy to be as free as possible to explore, large groups create moral rules instantly. Further to this we develop the ability to hold different perspectives simultaneously; I will elaborate on this tomorrow.

4. Get real, we ask, “yes, but, what is the next step for human consciousness, culture and relationship to enable us to move on?”

5. How does that connect to each of us on a personal level, what is our unique function, purpose, natural expression and just manner of being?

6. Experiential energy connection, anchoring and integrating with a new level of energy and expanded spectrum of frequencies.

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