Monday, 1 November 2010

Chiron Bytes

Advanced Understanding of Planet Chiron

The planetary body of light is the harvest of all life. All life constantly transmits information in the form of light. Light, though, is not just cold data; light includes the warmth of life—its soul, its feeling.

Every life form contributes to the totality of planetary consciousness. All human endeavour, all innovation, expression, drama, angst, struggle and valour are fed back into the planetary consciousness.

Innocence Returns

Transits of the planet Chiron enable the individual to become conscious, to a degree, of the fragmentation and entropy that occurs during the journey of light into manifest form. Chiron connects us to the experience of the severance from Source, the pain of loss of wholeness. Chiron reveals the wound that resides within us, the pain of loss of innocence of our childhood and tribal beginnings.

Yet, this wounding revelation reconnects the soul to the inherent unity that is always present in the adventure of consciousness. Chiron liberates us from the enclosures of our minds, our self-importance, our certainties, our imperfections and our failures. Chiron reconnects us to Planet Earth and the Cosmos.

Project Earth is an ongoing creative endeavour. The novelty of evolution through time makes the whole more conscious. Chiron allows us to become conscious of the ongoing harvest—the perpetual feedback reality—whilst we are alive.

Chiron enables us to feel the ongoing death, as well as the ever-emerging changing wholeness of the planet we live within.

If you are an Astrologer, it is very important to understand the basic astronomical picture

Planets as Enchantment Levels

If we are enchanted by Uranus, we are no longer enchanted by Saturn. If you awaken to the bewitchment of Neptune, you are no longer enthralled nor limited by the enchantment of Uranus. If you then develop and expand your awareness to the Pluto Enchantment stage, your psychic landscape has expanded beyond Neptune.

By examining the orbits of the planets whilst understanding that reality is holographic, you can understand how the expansion of space described by the orbit of the planet beyond the previous one corresponds to an expansion of consciousness.

Pluto’s orbit is not only an expansion of space on the flat plane of the ecliptic, it is an expansion of dimension, since Pluto is tilted 17 degrees to the ecliptic. Furthermore, Pluto orbits between 30 astronomical units (au) and 50 au, unlike Saturn (9.5 au), Uranus (19.6 au) and Neptune (30 au), none of which stray very far from their average orbital parameters. Pluto has what is known in astronomical terms an ‘eccentric orbit’. By the standards of the previous levels of consciousness, Pluto Enchanted individuals are eccentric.

Hidden in Plain Sight

Originating in the Kuiper Belt, Chiron adds yet greater novelty and complexity. Chiron probably hails from outside the orbit of Pluto and yet has been projected into the middle of the Solar System (8.5 au to 18.9 au). Chiron intersects Saturn’s orbit, unlocking the barrier of linear time, linear mind and the demarcation between subject and object. Chiron connects the mental space of Uranus with that which is veiled by the great wall of Saturn, which holds back a more complex ancient history and blocks the truth to the nature of time itself. Yet Chiron’s orbital parameters tell us that not only does Chiron connect Saturn with Uranus, it also shatters the comfort afforded by both these Enchantment levels and, with that, their perceptions of absolute religious morality, historical reality, knowledge, science and progress.

Chiron wounds us to awaken us, piercing the mind’s grasp, thus eliminating the need for a total solution and, by enchanting us, we are led into the perpetual rolling river of time and space. Chiron awakens the immanent holiness of life as it is. 

Chiron enchanted individuals are almost invisible to the social mindsets of Saturn, Uranus and Neptune Enchantments.

Chiron and its family, which includes the Scattered Disc Object TL66, urges a resolution of polarity, which in turn brings the polarities—all opposition—to the surface of our awareness.

As Planet Earth is awakening, the core wound is arising to liberate us from the illusion of the quarantined Earth, the enclosed matrix.

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